In an exceptional display of humanity, the darkest place on earth was instantly transformed into the brightest. Continuing our effort raising awareness in the aftermath of the devastating crisis that hit Japan nearly two months ago, we take a look at the amazing posters created by professionals and non-professionals alike, promoting the need for energy-saving at this dire hour.

A week after the devastating crisis hit Japan, a rolling black-out was implemented on due to power shortages caused by the crisis. While most people are impacted by the event, the Japanese continue to work on inspiring more hope for the victims. A website was set up soon after the announcement of the blackout to encourage entries of designs for posters spreading the word of energy conservation.

In three days, more than one hundred entries were received with numerous gems among them. These posters were then uploaded and printed across Eastern Japan for shops, offices, and even households voluntarily.

We take a look at a handful of the heart-warming and nifty designs of the lot. (Many thanks to the ever-nifty Pink Tentacle for the translations of a couple of designs below)

"Tonight, let us be the darkest county."

The amount you turn off will light someone else up.

Save electricity. Save somebody.

Save power and carry on

Save electricity. Switch off.

Let's conserve electricity! Switch OFF!

Please cooperate in conserving electricity

Source: 節電ポスター


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