AKB48's Newest Member Aimi Eguchi is Truly, Literally Unreal

Posted by The Daily Zombies Tuesday, June 21, 2011

For those screaming out loud over how AKB 48's newest addition, Aimi Eguchi, is out of this world, well, she truly is. In a way that's pushing the boundaries of Uncanny Valley.

As we find ourselves on the path towards maddening sci-fi future the likes of Philip K. Dick has to offer, here's a piece of tabloid news with a splice of the sci-fi.

AKB48, undoubtedly one of Japan's most popular female pop group with a more-or-less, on-and-off 48 members, has recently acquired a new member Aimi Eguchi, whose popularity sky-rocketed since her introduction as she became the poster girl for Japanese confectionery company Ezaki Glico's ice candy, Ice no Mi.

Quite the looker, isn't she? Here's more pictures to support that notion.

Well, if you would have noticed, she is certainly pretty and all, albeit a little unreal. In the truest sense of word. She is indeed unreal.

Yesterday, spokesperson from the confectionery company Ezaki Glico confirmed that Aimi Eguchi is actually a 'virtual idol', as reported from various Japanese sources, inclusive of this one from Anime News Network.

A computer-generated composite of the best features of AKB 48 members Atsuko Maeda (eyes), Tomomi Itano(nose), Mariko Shinoda (mouth), Yuko Oshima (hair/ body), Minami Takahashi (outline) and Mayu Watanabe (eyebrows) with fellow AKB 48 member Yukari Sasaki providing the voice, even her namesake is filled with notable hints. This is so convoluted that I have to quote from the above mentioned article from Anime News Network:

Eguchi's name comes from the "E" in "Ezaki Glico," the "kuchi" in the commercial's theme song "Ice no Kuchizuke," the Japanese word for love (ai), and the "Mi" in the sweet's name Ice no Mi. Eguchi's birthday comes from Glico's founding date, February 11. Glico's slogan "Hitotsubu 300 meter" inspired Eguchi's listed talent in track and field. Finally, her body is a composite of images of Ōshima.

So much for good genes, eh.

In parting, here's the video clip of the ad featuring her in action.

And this is the video that shocked Aimi Eguchi's legion of fans. Do not miss out on the incredible synthesis process and the post-production work.

The sci-fi future depicted in Masamune Shirow's Ghost in the Shell is closer to us than we might think.


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