Juan of the Dead: Zombie of the Week

Posted by Grey Friday, July 22, 2011

We might just have stumbled upon the zombie movie of the year.

In "Juan de los Muertos" (AKA Juan of the Dead), Havana is besieged with a zombie apocalypse and the unlikely hero that might just turn the tide against the undead is Juan. Touted as "Cuba’s 1st Horror Film", Juan of the Dead, despite its obvious riff off Simon Pegg's premium zombie comedy (what we like to call 'Zom-Com'), Shaun of the Dead, is evidently unique and innovative when it comes to associating the peculiar political background of Cuba and the zombie apocalypse genre.

Taking place 50 years after the Cuban Revolution, the unlikely hero, Juan, is a nunchaku-wielding, ass-kicking everyday man that happened to be so good at zombie-slaying that he's starting a business on it. Especially when the government insisted that these zombies are sent by the Americans. Based on what we saw it the trailer, Juan of the Dead is one unrelentingly funny zombie comedy that any self-respecting zombie fans should check out.

Hit the jump to check out the awesome trailer.

Here's a rather lengthy synopsis of the film, followed by some of the set stills released.

Juan is 40 years old, most of which he spent in Cuba doing absolutely nothing. It’s his way of life, and he’s prepare to defend it at any cost, along with his pal Lázaro, as lazy as Juan but twice as dumb. Juan’s only emotional tie is his daughter, Camila, a beautiful young girl that doesn’t want anything to do with her father because the only thing he’s good at is getting into trouble.

Suddenly some strange things start to happen, people are turning violent attacking one to the other. Juan was first convinced it’s just another stage of the Revolution. Official media refer to the attacks as isolated incidents provoked by Cuban dissidents paid by the US government. Little by little Juan and his friends start to realize that the attackers are not normal human beings and that killing them is quite a difficult task. They’re not vampires, they’re not possesed, but they’re definitely not dissidents; a simple bite turns the victim into other violent killing machine and the only way to beat them is destroying their brains.

Juan decides that the best way of facing the situation is making some money out of it…..

“Juan of the Dead, we kill your beloved ones” becomes his slogan. Lázaro, along with his son Vladi, and Camila (who had no other choice but joining her father after he rescued her from grandma´s killing desires) are Juan´s army, and their mission is to help people get rid of the infected ones around… at a reasonable price.
But this plague of bloodthirsty attackers is out of control. The population is helpless. There comes a moment in which the only way out people found is throwing into the sea and try to run away from an island that became a real carnage, and Juan has no choice but to do what he avoided all his life: take some responsibility assuming a hero role, to guide his beloved ones with the hope of getting them safe out of the madness in which Havana, full of flesh eating zombies has turned.


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