What was earlier thought to be slasher thriller game turned out to be a zombie-filled misadventure.

First announced at last year's Tokyo Game Show notably its novelty concept being a survival horror game specifically created for Xbox 360 Kinect, Rise of Nightmares recently resurfaced at E3 with a new trailer.

Developed by the same team behind the House of the Dead franchise, Rise of Nightmares will be played from a first-person perspective (as expected for a game supporting Kinect) with players having access to melee weapons like brass knuckles, knives, hatchets and chainsaws.

While the earlier E3 trailer led us to believe that the game will be a survivor horror game with a slasher concept that will more-or-less be grounded in reality, the most recent trailer, entitled "Welcome to the Nightmare", have given us loads of horror moments courtesy of hordes of zombies and other monstrous creatures.

Without further ado, hit the jump to check out these trailers, followed by the official description of the game and screenshots released thus far by Sega.

Welcome to the Nightmare Trailer

The E3 trailer.

And here is the reather lengthy description of the game:

Survive one hellish night as you fight using the hands-free controls of Microsoft® Kinect.

Introducing Rise of Nightmares™, a truly mature experience for Microsoft Kinect. Survive one hellish night as you fight hand to hand against undead enemies and mad scientists using the hands-free controls of Microsoft Kinect. Using knives, chainsaws and your bare hands, rip your foes limb from limb while uncovering the location of your kidnapped wife.

Horrifying and compelling
An unashamedly mature title in a sea of family-friendly offerings on Kinect for the first time, Rise of Nightmares takes you into a cinematic world of horrific blood and violence.

Unique motion controls
Use your whole body to fight the undead horde with physical brutality. Rise of Nightmares is an
intensely immersive experience that brings horror to life like never before.

Explore and investigate
Navigate through Viktor’s castle with free movement control, uncover the secrets held within and delve deeper into his the mind of a madman.

Deep and varied gameplay
Master the different fighting styles and various weapons, stealthy sneaking and puzzle-solving. Will you fall into the mansion’s traps or lure the undead into one of your own?

A complete experience
A full, cinematic gaming experience set in a twisted and astonishing world that grips you from the very start.

The official box art and logo of the game.


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