Kicking off next at the San Diego Convention Center would be the annual San Diego Comic-Con. Gearing us up for the ultimate fan convention, Warner Bros. has unveiled these awesome "Comic-Con International: San Diego Official Bag".

Once again serving as the sponsor of the "Comic-Con International: San Diego Official Bag", Warner Bros. will be allying with Comic-Con to bring fans attending Comic-Con the free and extremely awesome "ubiquitous accessory" (as described by Entertainment Weekly in the official press release).

This year, apart from being an cool-looking bag, the "Comic-Con International: San Diego Official Bag" can be transformed into a backpack, allowing you to be a more eye-catching walking advertisement for the products from Warner Bros.

Hit the jump to check out all ten designs of the bag, inclusive of everything from Cartoon Network’s Green Lantern: The Animated Series, TV's Fringe, the relaunched Justice League from DC Comics, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s Batman: Arkham City, to LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7.

Here's the full press release from Warner Bros.:


Fans Checking in at Comic-Con to Receive a Collectible Bag Designed by the
Studio, Highlighting One of the Following 10 Titles: “The Big Bang Theory,”
“Fringe,” “Supernatural,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “Green Lantern: The Animated
Series,” “The Looney Tunes Show,” “ThunderCats,” “Batman: Arkham City,”
“LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5–7” and “Justice League”

Twitter Pitch: The bags are back(packs)! Warner Bros. and Comic-Con team up on official bags for #SDCC 2011: #WBSDCC

BURBANK, Calif. (July 12, 2011) — The dynamic duo of Warner Bros. Entertainment and Comic-Con have renewed their powerful alliance for 2011, and the Studio will once again serve as sponsor of the Comic-Con International: San Diego Official Bag.

- More than 130,000 of the signature, oversized (24”x28”) bags — dubbed the Con’s “ubiquitous accessory” by Entertainment Weekly — have been produced, and will be available to fans attending Comic-Con upon checking in throughout the five days of the convention, including Preview Night.

- For the first time, the 2011 edition of the bag converts into a backpack, making it as cool as ever — and even more functional! (And, yes, the protective poster tube remains intact.)

- To download images of all 10 bags, as well as the official Comic-Con 2011 artwork side of the bags, please click here:

- Designed by Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Marketing, each double-sided bag features all-new Comic-Con 2011 official artwork on one side, with the other side featuring a design highlighting one of 10 different titles, including live-action and animated television series, video games and comic books from Warner Bros. Television, Warner Bros. Animation, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment.

- The featured titles are “The Big Bang Theory,” “Fringe,” “Supernatural,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “Green Lantern: The Animated Series,” “The Looney Tunes Show,” “ThunderCats,” “Batman: Arkham City,” “LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5–7” and “Justice League.”

- For continuing info on the Studio’s plans at Comic-Con, please visit and follow us on Twitter @TheWBdotcom (hashtag #WBSDCC). For official information about Comic-Con 2011, visit and follow Comic-Con on Twitter @Comic_Con.

More About Warner Bros. Comic-Con Bags

Created annually since 2006 by the Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Marketing unit specifically for Comic-Con, the highly sought-after totes provide devoted fans with a handy carrying case for all the merchandise they take away from the Con — and serve as mobile billboards for a selection of the Studio’s key Comic-Con titles.


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