Watch the Decepticons Get Drunk on Bandung

Posted by Grey Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We have stumbled upon quite possibly the most lucrative movie concept of 2011! By merging the inane storylines of Transformers: Dark of the Moon and The Hangover II!

Can't get enough of the Decepticons after watching Michael Bay's Transformers: Dark of the Moon? Here's one batshit crazy scene straight out of the classic Transformers cartoon in the 80s where we have Megatron and his lackeys getting high on Energon, which totally resembled Bandung here. Bandung, as in the popular rose syrup/milk combination drink in parts of Asia, not the city of Bandung in Indonesia.

Watch the Decepticons audaciously fly under the influence of alcohol while Megatron himself laments over his robot/Walther P38 pistol transforming predicament.

Now that's a scene that will look pretty great in 3D.

While on the topic of alcoholic robots, here's another video clip that we have stumbled upon featuring yet another awkward moment with robots. And drinks.

While the clip is slightly awkward, the final touches with the kid being impressed is kind of cute though.


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