Avengers, Meet the Revengers

Posted by Grey Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Behold, the Mighty Revengers! Led by the Simon Williams AKA the Wonder Man, meet Captain Ultra, D-Man, Anti-Venom, Century, Atlas, Goliath, Devil-Slayer, and Ethan Edwards.

Wonder Man is back with a vengeance... and a new superteam consisting an ensemble roster of C to D-list superheroes with some remote connection with the storied history of the Mighty Avengers.

We have last seen Simon Williams AKA the Wonder Man turning on Steve Rogers AKA Captain America when he was invited by Rogers to join the current new team of Avengers at the beginning of Marvel's Heroic Age. Stating that the existence of the Avengers is more of a problem than a solution to the world, Wonder Man is clearly out of his mind when he attacked the new team before disappearing. And now he is back with the Revengers, a collective bunch of throw-away characters (with the obvious exception of Atlas and Anti-Venom). As thankfully noticed by Tony Stark, Williams's ionic energy is leaking, which might explains his bouts of insanity and this assembly of A-list losers.

Being longtime fans of Marvel's Avengers, we take a brief look at these wonderful bunch of losers with connection with the premium superteam.

Undoubtedly the most recognized character of the group (although not in this current form), Anti-Venom is the new form of Eddie Brock, the supervillain better known to all as Venom. Brock has since changed his villainous ways, and had recently worked with his former nemesis, Spider-Man in bringing down the villain Mister Negative.

Erik Josten, better known as the reformed supervillain and members of the first incarnation of Thunderbolts, would be the other more notable character on the group. Created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in his first appearance as Power Man in 1965's The Avengers #21, the character has been on quite a run since then. He was most recently seen in Nighthawk's Defender team.

Captain Ultra
Yes, that was an epic outfit. Griffin Gogol, more or less better known as Captain Ultra, first appeared in 1976's Fantastic Four #177 as a comic character who failed in his audition to join the Frightful Four. He was most recently the leader for the Nebraska team of the Initiative program. And he's still a mostly comedic character.

These group of obscure characters really transcends generations. As indicated by the inclusion of this man known only as Century. A blatant by-product of the Rob Liefield craze back in the 90s with a tinge of Todd McFarlane's Spawn, Century's origins also sounded like a cross between Cable, ShatterStar and Wolverine. His connection with the Avengers mytho: A former member of Force Works, a largely unknown superteam emerging from the cancellation of West Coast Avengers.

Now meet the ever-endearing D-Man, AKA Demolition Man. Dennis Dunphy, a professional wrestler and member of the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation (UCWF), was a tough customer. How so? He refused to throw a fight to with Fantastic Four's The Thing in a wrestling match (in the 80s, professional wrestling is generally known as the real deal). Bring back the UCWF, Marvel! D-Man later became the sidekick of Captain America. And the costume? Oh, it was intentionally designed to be a cross between Wolverine and Daredevil. He was last spotted at Daredevil as a mentally unstable has-been.

With a fearsome namesake like Devil-Slayer, one would incline to hold more than a little reservation for the character that first appeared in 1977's Marvel Spotlight #33. A former Defender who utilizes his cape, a mystical device known as the shadow cloak, for teleportation and basic weapon arsenal storage. Notably, the character was among the nomination list by the Eye of Agamotto as a potential replacement back when Doctor Strange loses his position as Sorceror Supreme.

Ethan Edwards
A largely unknown pastiche of DC's Superman, Ethan Edwards was a Skrull version of the Man of Steel. Parodying all the ridiculous elements of the Superman mythos (for example, his utilization of glasses as a disguise), Ethan Edwards has been mostly unused since his first appearance in 2005's Marvel Knights Spider-Man #13.

The fifth person to hold the mantle of Goliath, Thomas Foster was the nephew of Dr. Bill Foster, the original Black Goliath who was killed in action by the Thor clone during Civil War. Just so you see where's his beef with the Avengers lie. The latest Goliath was last seen working at Damage Control.

Here's the official solicitation description of New Avengers Annual #1, featuring the debut of the Revengers, along with few preview pages from the issue, courtesy of Comic Book Resources:

Brian Michael Bendis
Gabriele Dell'Otto
Gabriele Dell'Otto
Marvel Comics
Wed, September 7th, 2011

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at New Avengers Annual #1, reuniting the acclaimed creators from Secret War, writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Gabriele Dell’Otto! The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here—Simon Williams finally assembles with his own unstoppable team , the Revengers! Two powerhouse teams go head to head in a battle no fan will forget, but when the dust settles who will emerge victorious? The Earth’s Mightiest…or the Earth’s Deadliest? Find out this September, only in New Avengers Annual #1!


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