The Darkest Hour: Trailer, Viral Clips, and Concept Art

Posted by Grey Monday, August 8, 2011

What could be mankind's darkest hour? In Hollywood? Alien invasion.

Yes, another science fiction special effects-laden blockbuster depicting yet another alien invasion on our puny little earth is coming our way this December. But for a change, we won't be following the protagonist in the good ol' US of A. Yes, alien invaders are generally speaking unbiased towards all nations.

Produced by Timur Bekmambetov (the Kazakh-born director who have previously brought us the Russian film Night Watch and its sequel Day Watch, followed by the 2006 live-action adaptation of Mark Millar's Wanted) and directed by Chris Gorak (the director of 2006's thriller, Right at Your Door), The Darkest Hour stars Emile Hirsch as one of the five Americans caught in a full-fledged alien invasion in Moscow, Russia. Yes, we are just stuck with Americans despite the change of location.

Scheduled to be released on December 23rd, the film looks to be fun with a different take on the extraterrestrial lifeform being depicted as something other than the little green or grey men or the thick-set monstrosity we are familiar with from the usual Hollywood fares. Based on the well-edited trailer that have been recently released by Summit Entertainment, the alien invaders seemed to be some invisible energy form seeking to drain our planet of electricity. In addition, we are quite certain that the protagonists in this film are much more interesting than those in the abysmal Skyline despite being party animals all the same.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer (head over to Apple to see the trailer in HD).

Further proving the point that the alien invaders are some kind of a sentient form of electricity, Collider has released some nifty concept art images from the film.

Red Square
The iconic Red Square in Moscow is the scene of desolation in the post-alien invasion world of THE DARKEST HOUR.
The aliens in THE DARKEST HOUR are unlike any depicted on screen. Composed of lethal wave energy, they have the ability to shred apart human life.
Subway Attack
An alien “seeker” emits a controlled lightning bolt to reel in its prey.
The aliens in THE DARKEST HOUR are virtually invisible. They are detected only by the surrounding electrical systems they activate, making travel by day particularly dangerous.
Trolley Attack
A seeker alien attacks Olivia Thirlby & Emile Hirsch on a runaway trolley train.

Seeker Bolt
A close-up of the alien seeker bolt.
Alien POV
Life forms are illuminated by the faint electrical impulses in the body’s nervous system. This is a pre-vis look at how the aliens see humans.
Sergei’s Faraday Cage
The group of survivors meet up with an eccentric Russian scientist, who has outfitted his apartment as a giant Faraday cage, providing protection from the aliens.
Faraday Cat
Sergei’s cat is also outfitted with a mini-Faraday cage.
The survivors meet up with a group of tough Russian soldiers on horseback, led by Matvei.
A submarine in the heart of Moscow may provide temporary sanctuary from the vicious aliens.
Alien Tower
An alien tower, whose function is central to the mystery of the aliens’ motivation for taking over our planet.
While director Chris Gorak and actor Emile Hirsch found the opportunity to talk to the press at the film's panel at Hall H during last month's Comic-Con, an artbook inspired by the film was announced by Oni Press. Scheduled to be released some time later this year, the artbook features artwork from thirteen creators including Brian Churilla Tom Fowler, Mateus Santolouco, Nathan Fox, Brian Hurtt, Jeremy Haun, Ron Chan, Nathan Fairbairn and more. A limited edition poster of the cover illustrated by renowned artist Ben Templesmith was also on sale during the event. Here's a look at the piece.

The first (and only) official set stills released by Summit Entertainment thus far.

Meanwhile, the viral video campaign of the film comprises some actual YouTube video clips on the subject. An unique take, I must add.

Video 1
Incident #1077 – Buenos Aires, Argentina – 01.24.09:

Video 2
Incidents #0721 - #0945: Various Cities - 01.20.96 - 09.19.05:

Video 3
Incident #1012: Boulder, CO - 10.28.06:

Video 4
Incident #1333 - Brisbane, AUS - 01.27.10:


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