Batman "vs." Catwoman?

Posted by Grey Sunday, September 25, 2011

In response to arguably one of the most controversial comic panels to have come in a long time, the comic community came up with their respective versions of "Batman vs. Catwoman."

With the third week of the controversial "DC Comics - The New 52" initiative in full swing, the ever-critical online pundits are up in arms over the overtly-sexualized contents of titles like Red Hood and the Outlaws #1, and more significantly, the relaunched Catwoman #1 written by Judd Winick with art by Guillem March.

Our two cents on the debacle? The critics were right.

Like what Matt Wilson’s snap review of the title described, "This is a comic about a Strong Female Character who is in her bra on about half the pages and ends up falling on the genitals of Batman by the end."

Colored us conservative, but there are just some lines you can't crossed. Like turning an established popular superheroine (villain sometimes) who is known for her sexuality into a full-blown sex bomb in a comic book which read like some fan-made softcore porn webcomic.

For those interested in reading the title yourself, look away from here now. We are showing the full-page panel from the last page from Catwoman #1 right below, and yes, it's kind of NSFW.

Speaking to Newsarama, writer Judd Winick responded to the outlash:

This is a Catwoman for 2011, and my approach to her character and actions reflect someone who lives in our times. And wears a cat suit. And steals. It’s a tale that is part crime story, part mystery and part romance. In that, you will find action, suspense and passion. Each of those qualities, at times, play to their extremes. Catwoman is a character with a rich comic book history, and my hope is that readers will continue to join us as the adventure continues.

In typical good humor, the online comic community responded.

Having earlier brought us the smooth and swanky Fantastic Four in the swinging 60s in commemoration of Marvel's First Family’s 50th Anniversary, artist Phil Noto brought us a down-to-earth look at the reality of the scene.
Artist Eric Canete gave us a hypothetical look at the promised "Morning After".
Canadian artist Chip Zdarsky channeled the spirit of RoboCop with his humorous touch-up.
Matt Wilson from Comics Alliance break it down from the Dark Knight's perspective.
Comic Twart's Ron Salas slips in a little subtlety.
Also from Comic Twart, Mike Hawthorne also provided a more dignified take on the scene.
And in closing, an image unrelated to the whole "Batman vs. Catwoman" fiasco courtesy of artist Andres M. Labrada, aptly entitled "Cat got your tongue?"


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