Josh Siegel's Stylistic Take on Comic Icons

Posted by Grey Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Check out artist Josh Siegel's amazing rendition of comic's greatest icons, in their most recognizable classic form yet in a stylish way like you never seen them before.

We have seen our share of minimalistic take on comic's greatest icons. Here, artist Josh Siegel dishes out some of the most stylish, semi-minimalist rendition on some of the most recognizable comic icons from comic's big two (that's DC and Marvel for the very much uninformed).

Having earlier amazed us with his entries for the poster redesign for the previously abysmal official poster for Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class (also on display below), Siegel outdoes himself again here with some innovative yet utterly classical take on these superheroes and villains that have by now entered the realm of popular culture.

Incidentally, these pieces are available as prints for sale. Check out Siegel's webpage for more information on the sale. In the meantime, check out some of the coolest prints, as well as the respective thought behind each pieces by Siegel, right after the jump.

Wonder Womod
It’s come to my attention that in current DC Comics continuity, Wonder Woman no longer travels around in an invisible jet, having gained the power to fly unaided. To this I say, who can tell? It’s invisible! Maybe she’s still using it, but isn’t telling anyone. Even if she’s not faking, who’s to stop her from taking it out for the occasional spin? Some times, an Amazonian princess sent into this violent and unjust world of men just wants to get above it all and travel first-class, no hassle; to wear the proud spangled hot pants and gold-plated bra of her native people and not get stares. Let the boys in spandex fly around and do their thing. She’s going to kick back with her invisible pomegranate martini and make her own way.

Power-Mod & Iron-Fistbump
Luke Cage and Danny Rand, Marvel’s great street-fighting duo! The indestructible powerhouse and the dragon-slaying martial arts master! A badass bromance for the ages!


So, Psylocke, you need a makeover. It’s okay. It happens to every glamorous supermodel at some point in their career. You’ve got to keep things interesting if you want to stay A-List. Just dyeing your hair purple isn’t going to cut it. That may have shocked the sensibilities of your fellow Brits, but the longer you hang out with these wacky Yanks, you realize that flouncy dresses and girly tights that-just-happen-to-match-your-purple-hair don’t really get you on the front cover very often. Here’s an idea: Have your entire body swapped with that of a Japanese ninja! You’ll still be “yourself”, whatever that means, but you’ll have her fierce fighting skills. No more need to hide behind that bulky armor… or anything else, really, except a few thin straps of strategically placed ribbon. What’s, the problem? Does wearing a thong to breakfast with your coworkers seem out of character? Don’t worry, Betsy. Have you seen your new buttocks? No one will really care about your “character” anymore. (I hear you’re also considering a facial tattoo of some kind, and some sort of mystical shadow-form. … Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.)

Fabtastic Four
Like pieces of a puzzle, The Fantastic Four just seem to fit. Their interconnectedness and symmetry worked even before they got shot into space and became avatars of the four elements. Two lovers, two old pals, two siblings, two opposites destined to be great friends. Then, zam! Crazy super-powers happen, making them completely unique, with hurdles and dramas no outsider could possibly understand.. like any other family. Lee and Kirby hit it on the head. Like a family, a whole community could develop around them. The pieces just fell into place as Marvel grew. All the lady super heroes could look to Sue for advice. Similarly, all the brainy heroes turned to Reed. Ben could drink beer and play poker with all the tough guys. Johnny could hot-shot around and connect with the young heroes. The whole social network of the Marvel Universe is basically mapped on a flow-chart to the FF’s door. So, yes, there have been a couple changes in the cast of the FF over the years, but a family should be able to grow and shrink without losing its function. Through all the cosmic twists and turns, the FF still fulfills its fundamental purpose: to be the Marvel Universe’s elemental building block.

Iron Mod
Bazillionaire playboy Tony Stark has got a lot going on. He’s rich. He’s handsome. He’s sharp. He’s funny. But wait - he needs be hooked up to super high-tech machines to stay alive??? That’s rough. Good thing he’s got a knack for gadgets, and pimping his pacemaker was no big deal.

Doctor Strangemod
From his Sanctum Sanctorum in the West Village, Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe, keeping an eye on all things mystical. People of this world need not fear demons, curses or other bad mojo while under his wise watch!

Deadpool, the merc-with-a-mouth may seem all guns-blazing and jokes-flying, but the story of this unlikely assassin raises several important philosophical questions: How many guns are too many? Do life and death lose their meaning, becoming completely absurd, if you yourself cannot die? Should a person be held responsible on ethical grounds for killing lots and lots of people if their brain has been mangled and pulverized numerous times? Can a great sense of humor get you in with hot chicks even if your face is consumed by tumors? And, is anyone actually paying attention to the psych evaluations for firearms permits?

Captain (Mod) America
The star-spangled sentinel of liberty! Captain America was more than just a living patriot missile. He embodied the spirit of the nation, all the while representing the value of the individual. A sickly young man transformed by science into the ultimate soldier, he’s fought beside army grunts and godly superheroes alike. A cruel twist of fate froze Steve Rogers in a block of ice at the close of WWII and he awoke to a changed world decades later. Though suddenly out-of-place in his own country, his unwavering moral fortitude and steely resolve have yet to be outdone, even when met with such modern challenges as rap metal and TiVo.

Aquaman. This skit always breaks my heart a little bit: (Sorry about the video quality.) Yeah, talking to fish is kind of funny. But give the guy a little respect! On a planet that’s 2/3 water, the fact that Aquaman deigns to hang out with the surface-dwellers at all is pretty remarkable. It’s probably quite boring for him with no fish to pal around with, and hardly anywhere to swim. He might just as easily leave us to our own ends and dive back into the depths of his kingdom, never to be seen again. Have any land heroes dedicated their lives to defending the ocean? I doubt it. I bet none of the Super Friends could even name 5 prominent mer-people from Atlantis history. Yet it’s a given that when bad stuff goes down in Anycraptown USA, Aquaman is there to help, usually arriving via some convenient canal system, enlisting the aid of a local octopus to rescue Susie Helpless and her puppy out the window of a burning lakeside trailer. And you know, as soon as he’s gone it’s calamari for dinner. So, let the heroes laugh. He talks to fish, and I guess that’s funny. No doubt those fish have few nice things to say about humans. It’s likely that every other sentence out of a sea creature’s mouth is “Humans are jerks,” so the fact that Aquaman still looks out for us is pretty noteworthy. Maybe someday we’ll deserve it.

What *DO* you get for the guy who’s got everything? Membership to the fanciest fitness club in town? A good idea, but he’s probably already got his own special lair where he works out, hidden in his mansion. Also, the uber-rich hate showering with others. It can turn into a page six nightmare. Hi-tech toys? Another good idea! Unfortunately, he’s most likely already got his own R&D department with a full staff helping him acquire cutting-edge gadgets. Even the coolest thing from the Spy Store would be last-year’s news and end up gathering dust. Coupons for hugs? The winner! Mom and Dad probably weren’t there when he needed them, likely spending late nights out at the opera or some other society party. Left alone to brood by himself, the poor guy could have developed all sorts of dark, secret issues. No worries! Hugs are the best medicine for anybody with the gloomies. Just tell him you’ll be there for him when he’s ready to share his feelings.


Fab Five (Of The Atom)
THE X-MEN The Children of the Atom! The Strangest Teens of All! The Fab Five! Born with a special X-gene in their chromosomes, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel, Beast and Iceman, leap from the shadows to ensure a brighter future for all humanity, under the creepy but endearing tutelage of Professor X! A metaphor for teenage awkwardness + an analogy for the civil rights movement = comic book gold! To me, my X-Men!

Head Master

Bad Teacher


Superman. Not a bird. Not a plane. But a powerful metaphor for all sorts of aspects of the American experience, from immigration to Jesus (according to the recent film.) Kal-El’s parents saw the end of their world coming and shipped their baby off in a space pod. Lucky for him! Not only did he escape his world’s doom, but he landed on a planet that had: 1) Breathable atmosphere 2) Nice Kansas farmers who already wanted a kid and could raise him as their own 3) A yellow sun, which would turn him into the most powerful being on his new planet Talk about a win-win!

The Norse god of thunder has seen fit to walk the mortal world! He swings his mighty hammer for the benefit of lowly humankind against powerful otherworldly villains and monsters, ever plotting to destroy us. Thanks, Thor! We appreciate it! He’s also a frog sometimes.


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