Supervillain in Custody

Posted by Grey Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A man suspected to be the douchebag responsible for the heinous robbery of a mentally disabled Superman fan's collection of vintage Superman memorabilia and comics, has been arrested. Better yet, the entire collection has been recovered and returned to Mike Meyer.

We have earlier reported on the incident where lifelong Superman fan, Mike Meyer, was robbed of his prized collection of vintage Superman memorabilia and comics by his former co-worker. Subsequently, we also covered on the overwhelming level of support from the comics community. And now, with news on the arrest of suspected thief Gerry Arville Armbruster and the recovery of Meyer's collection, the incident has received quite the comic book ending.

According to St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 37-year-old Gerry A. Armbruster of Granite City was initially arrested for an unrelated case when ranite City Police responded to a robbery case of which a 76-year-old man was robbed of jewelry and cash by Armbruster. Further investigation soon prompted the local police to link the case with the Superman theft occurred two weeks ago.

Courtesy of Comics Alliance, here's the official Granite City police statement:

The residential burglary was reported on August 31st, 2011 and involved a large collection of Superman memorabilia. This incident took place at 2510 West 23rd, Granite City, IL

Yesterday afternoon, September 15th, 2011 the Granite City Police responded to a Robbery, at which time it was learned a 76 year old male was robbed of Jewelry and money while in the 1800 block of Delmar, Granite City, IL.

The victim was going to hire a male subject to clean up a vacant business in this block, when the subject forced the male's jewelry and money from him. During this incident the victim received some minor injuries. Based on his description, we learned the Madison Police Department was dealing with our suspect on an unrelated incident. Officers were able to link this subject to the robbery and he was transferred from Madison's custody to our custody.

With the ongoing investigation of the Residential Burglary, it was believed this was the same subject responsible for stealing the Superman items in August. Investigators were able to link the suspect to this crime as well and recover all of the victim's Superman memorabilia and return it to the owner.

Today, both cases were presented to the Madison County States Attorney at which time the suspect was charged with:

1 count Residential Burglary
1 count Robbery
1 Aggravated Battery (Senior Citizen)

Gerry Arville Armbruster, M/W 37 years old
2214 Iowa street, Granite City, IL

Armbruster is currently at the Granite City Police Department and will be transferred to the Madison County Jail later this evening. His bond for all charges has been set at $100,000.00.

With the recovery of Meyer's Superman collection, he now reportedly owned close to double of he has previously lost. However, motivated by the outpouring support, he will be donating these additional items to charity,

As for his Superman collection, Meyer now has close to double what he had lost. Smith has about 40 more items ready to be delivered, and dozens more have been promised. Meyer said he wants to take the donations and give them to charity, most probably a children's hospital. Speaking to the newspaper, Meyer stated, "People were generous to me; this is how I can be generous in return."


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