Zombie 108 棄城 : Zombie of the Week

Posted by Grey Friday, September 16, 2011

Brace yourself for Taiwan's very first zombie film. And undoubtedly one of the most depraved zombie films you can find in Asia filled with sex and gore.

There is without a shadow of a doubt that from the release of Victor Halperin's White Zombie in 1932, zombie films, the sub-genre offspring of horror and sci-fi, has been thriving vigorously now more so than ever.

Indicative of this statement would be our choice for this week's Zombie of the Week: Zombie 108, AKA Z-108, the first-ever Taiwanese zombie film. In line with its original Chinese title "棄城" literally meaning "abandoning the city", the film depicted an especially brutal zombie outbreak in the city of Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, with a most timely cause: the nuclear meltdown suffered by Japan, a neighboring country to the nation.

While the plot synopsis did not illustrate the plot of the film as clearly as we would have preferred (perhaps by design), we can see many elements at work in this outrageous brutal trailer: Local police forces and thugs engaging in a savage last stand against each other and the hordes of undead, depraved man engaging in some much-inspired tentacle erotica against some hapless lady, and a lone hot chick protagonist in a "28 Days Later/The Walking Dead"-esque scenario. Without further ado, hit the jump to check out the definitely NSFW and unexpectedly awesome trailer.

Here's the official synopsis from the film:

The nuclear disaster that Japan suffered accidentally alters the genes of the influenza virus. A group of young people get infected and haven't paid any attention to their illness, until a boy surprisingly bites a girl’s throat in a drunken night out. Their friends start screaming at the gushing blood.

After a viral event, the government orders to quarantine the sick and evacuate all residents in the vicinity. But those drunk party people are not aware of this message. Meanwhile, the army and the police join hands to form a SWAT team to enter the quarantined zone. Those survivors suddenly become zombies to attack the living. In no time, the whole city is film with such huge bloodshed. People from all walks of life - including gangsters, policemen, SWAT teams and the civilians - are willing to work together to escape, but they have hidden schemes to compete with and they may even kill each other. The biggest test in a doomsday is human’s mind.

For those who understand Chinese, here's the rather lengthy synopsis in Chinese:














若干年後,在這個活屍橫行霸道的年代,西門町是被隔離的 108 區,甚至整個台北市少數還存活的居民全部往南部遷移……。





Directed by Joe Chien (錢人豪) and starring Rong Hsiang (戎祥), Tai Bao (太保), Yvonne Yao (姚采穎), and former Olympic gold medalist in Taekwondo, Chu Mu-yen (朱木炎), Zombie 108 (棄城) is set to be released in Taiwan some time next year.

In the meantime, here are two other teaser trailer from the film.

Here's a low quality poster from the film.

And here are some of the set pictures we have managed to salvage online.


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