Batman: Arkham City - Final Preview

Posted by Grey Saturday, October 15, 2011

With Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham City set to be released later this week, we here at The Daily Zombies take one final look at one of the most anticipated games of the year as we proceed counting down the hours before its release on October 18th.

Batman: Arkham City, the highly anticipated sequel to 2009's Batman: Arkham Asylum, named as the "Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game" in the Guinness World Records, and more importantly, the "Game Of The Year" by us here at The Daily Zombies, will be out in less than 72 hours. Just so you know, we are counting down the hours too.

Our coverage on Batman: Arkham City has been longstanding, dating back to the title's original announcement at 2009's Spike Video Games Awards. One might argue that it has only been less than two years but let us remind you that apart from the announcement of Batman: Arkham City, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II was also announced at the event and it felt almost a lifetime away since we witnessed the unnecessary sequel to an unnecessary video game.

A direct sequel to the 2009's surprise hit, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City picks up where its predecessor left off with an overwhelming sense of escalation, not unlike director Christopher Nolan's critically acclaimed "The Dark Knight" over its predecessor, 2005's Batman Begins. While we were initially skeptical over the sequel's ambitious new storyline taking the infamous Arkham Asylum out to the streets of Gotham, the open-world concept has certainly enhanced the already impressive "Batman" experience tremendously. We have seen the Caped Crusader gliding across the dark skies of Gotham cityscapes in exhilarating sandbox-style, as well as an enhanced detective mode described as an "augmented reality mode".

Interestingly, we will get to see more of the famous/infamous denizens of Gotham. With Hugo Strange ruling the Arkham City while Two-Face, Penguin, and The Joker involved in a brutal turf war already, we are expecting more of the prestigious members of the Dark Knight's infamous Rogues' Gallery to appear in the sequel. In an even more exciting development, players will, for the first time ever, play as other characters. Apart from the earlier announced Catwoman and Robin (Tim Drake), it was officially confirmed earlier last week that yet another protege of the Dark Knight detective will be included as a playable character for a fee (Xbox Live for 560 Microsoft Points and PlayStation Network for $6.99). The Nightwing bundle featuring Nightwing (AKA Dick Grayson AKA the first Robin) is set to be released on November 1st, complete with the Wayne Manor and Main Hall maps. Like the "Time Drake Robin pack" (which also features two exclusive challenge maps: "Black Mask Hideout" and "Freight Train Escape") and the various pre-order skins for Batman himself, the Nightwing pack will also be featuring an "Animated Series" alternate skin for the character.

Here's a quick look at Nightwing as well as some of the alternate skins for Robin.

On the topic of Downloadable Content (DLC) packs, an unfortunately common trend by now, three DLC packs for the title have been announced. While the Nightwing pack is scheduled for November 1st, the second pack will feature four new story-missions to support the Catwoman story campaign. The third DLC featuring the Robin pack will be released on November 22nd.

Developed by Rocksteady Studios and released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and OnLive, the multi-consoles version of Batman: Arkham City will be released in North America on October 18th, while the PC version is currently scheduled for November.

Ahead of the release, a final launch trailer has been released to quench your dire fix for some ass-kicking action. Hit the jump to check out the final trailer, followed by a kinda funny ad from Walmart featuring an awesome line, "You're like Two-Face and both sides of your face are ugly."

Here, we take a look at the amazing graphics from the title.

New Screenshots


Concept Art


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