JLA vs. Galactus

Posted by Grey Thursday, October 27, 2011

Marvel and DC crosses path yet again as Marvel's very own Devourer of Worlds sets his eyes on the DC Universe! All in this awesome dreamed-up crossover comic by artist Marco Rudy.

With the tremendous success of "DC Comics - The New 52" initiative and the returning growing animosity between American comics's Big Two publishers, we all knew the good old days of Marvel vs. DC or JLA/Avengers are certainly not coming back anytime soon.That said, should the crossover days ever return, we have a hot new premise right away with artist Marco Rudy's personal fan project with one hell of a winning premise: Galactus, with his trusty herald Silver Surfer by his side, setting his eyes on a next meal... the DC Universe.

A premise so awesome that Rudy went ahead to illustrate four pages of the artwork, abruptily ending in one hell of a cliffhanger as we see Superman and Wonder Woman fall to the might of the Silver Surfer, and Batman having the stare-down of his lifetime (given the company that Dark Knight hang with in Gotham and Arkham City, that's saying a lot) facing off with Galactus himself!

Hit the jump to check out all four awesome pages.

And a colored piece.

Being one of the smartest man in the DC Universe, will Batman be able to conjure the Ultimate Nullifier in time?

Source: xiconhoca [deviantART] via Robot 6


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