Anatomy of an Alien

Posted by Grey Sunday, November 27, 2011

Not just any alien. It's Alien.

For the first time ever (at least in our undead memory), analyse the anatomy of H. R. Giger's infamous creation in Ridley Scott's classic 1979 sci-fi horror film, Alien, courtesy of Minnesota-based comic book artist Brad McGinty.

Inspired by an image of a dissected Gamera in a quirky book known as "An Anatomical Guide To Monsters"", McGinty's deliciously rendition of "Alien" is available as a 9x12 print on a limited run of 50 at twenty bucks.

In the artist's own words:

This week’s Halloweirdo illustration is an homage to a crazy book called An Anatomical Guide To Monsters. This amazing book showed great cross-sectioned views of the anatomy of the most famous Kaiju monsters of 1967. You can find several of the images at my friend Molly’s site. My favorite of the bunch is Gamera.

The illustration is my take on the image with what I’d like to call HR Giger’s Alien, but the design has changed quite a bit over the years. I kind of took whatever I liked from a few different sources and went nuts with the guts. Here’s the original sketch. I did a sketch before this with the guts on the same drawing, but it quickly became a mess, so I decided to draw the alien and the guts on a separates sheet of paper. You can kinda see where I drew the alien’s legs to resemble the original Giger design, but I just couldn’t commit. The dog legs are way cooler. It gives the Alien more of an insect vibe.

The terribly translated Japanese text is courtesy of Google translator. If you buy this as a print I’ll email you the original text in English. It’s pretty funny, if I do say so myself.

And here's the Gamera image McGinty was talking about.

Source: An Anatomical Guide to the Xenomorph Print by Brad McGinty


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