Steve Rude's Art Discounted to Raise Bail

Posted by Grey Thursday, November 3, 2011

Give Steve Rude a helping hand while bagging yourself a great bargain with his incredible art pieces.

It has been slightly more than a year since we last covered multi-award-winning artist Steve Rude and how he is selling his original art to keep his house. While it was later confirmed that he has received enough support to keep his home from his "save the house" fundraiser, we report with regret that Rude is now on another campaign to raise money with the prices of his artwork reduced remarkably.

Originally initiated to raise money for bail for Rude following an altercation between him and his neighbors over their barking dogs which left him in custody for assault and failure to comply with a court order, the fundraiser is now focused to raise legal fees for the incident.

Mugshot courtesy of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.
Yesterday, Rude's wife Jaynelle took to the Facebook to update the current situation:

Thank you to everyone. We were able to make bail, but Steve won't be released until morning. Now we have to pay for the legal counsel so he doesn't end up back doing hard time for trying to keep his sanity. All he wants is to be left alone to create his art, not harassed by people who call the police on our kids because a frisbee ended up in their yard.

While we remained convinced of Rude's amazing yet unfortunately understated ability of conjuring uniquely retro yet gorgeous work, it is a well-known fact that the artist is uncompromising in his aesthetic pursuit that the quantities of his work has tremendously reduced.

For those in doubt over Rude's talent, check out these two recent paintings of Peter Parker's former beaus, Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy.

With Rude's continuing financial predicament with the aforementioned fundraiser to save his house and a later bargain sales to help pay for art supplies, we implore those interested in Rude's original artwork to check out a collection of his art pieces now available for auction on eBay, and some of his other works at

Here are just a selected few pieces of Rude's fine works available now.

Steve Jobs Tribute Art Print Poster 11x17 - $20.00 [eBay]
Doc Savage Art Print Steve Rude 11x17 Poster - $20.00 [eBay]
Nexus 39 from First Comics Loomis Sisters Original Oil on board Vintage Art - $4,000 [eBay]
Steve Rude 20x30 Superman Original Watercolor Art Painting + Bonus CD Pictures - $3,000 [eBay]
Steve Rude Huntress Original Art Pastel Painting - $500 [eBay]
Steve Rude Batman Original Watercolor Art Painting + Rough + CD w/Progress Shots - $3,000 [eBay]


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