WATCH G.I. Joe - Operation: Red Retrieval

Posted by Grey Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The much-talked-about G.I. Joe fan film has finally arrived.

2009's G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra was a soul-sucking train-wreck that made Trey Parker and Matt Stone's 2004 action film satire, Team America: World Police, a true blue epic. While we await the Jon Chu-helmed sequel, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, set to be released in 2012 with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson sharing the spotlight with returning actor Channing Tatum as Roadblock, here's a little something to quench your thirst for some all-American action.

Operation: Red Retrieval is a G.I. Joe fan film written and directed by Mark Cheng, a self-confessed G.I. Joe fan that got tired of waiting for that one true G.I. Joe film and decided to make one himself.

Given the budget constraints, Operation: Red Retrieval is a relatively cool action-packed film that remarkably surpassed the Stephen Sommers-helmed rip-off in its 21-minute run. As for the plot, the short film followed the no-nonsense action film premise of the regular G.I. Joe animated series with a short synopsis: "Scarlett must be found."

With no further ado, hit the jump to check out the film.

Message from the director:

This is not the GI Joe movie you've all been dying to see.

This is not the GI Joe movie you're dying to unsee.

This is the GI Joe movie I saw in my head more than 25 years ago. I watched the cartoons, read the comics, and collected the toys when I was a kid. Eventually I moved on from GI Joe but from that franchise came my love for war movies - Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, Band of Brothers - and my deep respect for the armed services and the men and women who serve.

Through working on this film - a process that took a year and a half - I realized the significance that GI Joe played in my childhood. Batman works alone, X-men was about strength in diversity, Transformers was pure awesome robots. But GI Joe was about a team of heroes working together, taking care of one another, never giving up, and staying until the fight was won. That's what I saw in my head, kept in my heart, and what I've tried to put into this film. As adults we've lost some of our innocence and, tragically, some of our idealism. We know heroes don't dodge bullets by doing cartwheels. Sometimes they get hurt, sometimes they don't come home. But under layers of dirt, grime, and blood, the hero is still there and he still sacrifices. And it's under those same layers of dirt and blood, that the spirit of GI Joe will always live.

The other thing I wanted to capture is that feeling from when I was 8 years old lying the floor with my action figures. I'd line up my GI Joe figures next to my Star Wars figures next to my He-Man figures and next to my Autobot Transformers. It didn't matter that the toys were of a different scale, possessed inexplicable powers, came from different brands, or lived in different universes. The ONLY things that mattered was that Good was about to defeat Evil, and that it was going to be SOOOO AWESOMEEEE.

So in a way, this is not the GI Joe movie I saw in my head 25 years ago. The film started that way, grew up like I did, got dirty like the world around us, but finds itself once again like the inner kid we all have within us.

Thanks for letting me share.

Source: YouTube via Topless Robot


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