Final Fantasy VII Remake (by Fans)

Posted by Grey Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Final Fantasy VII remake running on the Unreal Engine? Nope, it's still not Christmas yet, this is a nifty attempt by a team of would-be video game developers.

Here at The Daily Zombies, our obsession over a HD remake of Final Fantasy VII, have been well-documented.

Ever since 2005's E3, where we first witnessed the awesome tech demo remake of the opening sequence of Final Fantasy VII that was meant to be a display of PlayStation 3's graphical capabilities, fans of what has been frequently hailed as one of the greatest RPG ever have been raging over the prospects of the project. Fast forward to now, where we have seen more HD remake of classic video games that we have previously thought impossible (from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty to Ico). Is this the best moment ever for the release of a HD remake of Final Fantasy VII?

We might never know the answer for that one, but today, we came across a collective of talented folks who gave us a glimpse of that future and you are welcome to share it. Utilizing the Unreal Engine, Final Fantasy VII Remake was created by a team of would-be video game developers. Recreating the opening scene of the all-time classic game, the demo is consisted entirely of gameplay in order to showcase the real-time 3D environment as well as the free camera control. Interestingly, a good portion of the scene are on a first-person perspective, giving some fresh twist on the famous scene. It is also immediately evident that the developers are big fans of the title as we can see many Easter eggs known only to fans inserted into the short scene.

Just to prove that they are gracious would-be developers who are not out to exploit Square's mega-popular properties, the demo for Windows is freely available for download here. Despite that, it goes without saying that Square will nevertheless shoot the project down faster than you can imagine. So head over there right away if you are interested.

For those pondering on the quality of the demo, check out the below clip for a fairly detailed idea of the demo.

From the developers'own words:

FFVII REMAKE is a learning project made by fans and for fans. It is not approved or supported by Square Enix Ltd, the creators of the original videogame Final fantasy VII®.
Marketing is strictly prohibited, as well as any economic benefits from this project, both directly and indirectly.

FFVII REMAKE has been created for two main reasons: to learn how to create a videogame and to pay tribute to one of the best RPGs ever created, which most of us love and admire. The idea is to show its 2D world in 3D in a short demo, trying to keep it as accurate and respectul as possible to the original.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

And here are screen captures from the demo.


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