Looks like the "X" in Street Fighter X Tekken also stands for "cross-dressing." In our latest updated preview for the most anticipated fighting game from Capcom, we take a look at the brilliantly bizarre alternate outfits for the fighters, as well as the new challengers and other updates for the title.

In our last coverage for Capcom's Street Fighter X Tekken, we touched on the latest trailer for the much-anticipated multi-platform fighter that was unveiled ahead of this year's Tokyo Game Show.

Since then, there have been several notable updates on the title which we have unfortunately neglected for the past month. And here we are, back on track in our coverage on the most anticipated fighting game of 2012.

First up, at the Tokyo Game Show, two new modes by the name of Pandora and Scramble were announced. Integral to the recently revealed plot, Pandora is an object of a mysterious origin that has became the catalyst of the war between the characters of both iconic fighting games. The vague concept of Pandora was then also incorporated into the gameplay to further strengthen the tag team element of the title. While the basic gameplay involves the regular tag team action with switch characters while in action, the Pandora Mode can be activated when a character in the team has less than 25% health remaining. In this mode, the character can be sacrificed in order to activate the mode where the remaining character will be enjoying enhanced strength and an infinite Cross Gauge to chain together their respective "Cross Arts" Super Combo.

Meanwhile in Scramble Mode, players will be allowed to engage in a Fatal Four-Way bout with a total of four players online. In addition, a new gameplay element known as the "Gem System" will be introduced. When players continue to fight with the same character, the particular fighter's stats will be enhanced when required conditions are met.

By now, if you are bored with all these rhetoric on the gameplay, you might want to hang to check out the recently unveiled alternate costume that are known as "Swap Costumes" where the two biggest fighting game franchises had a literal "clash of style" as costumes are swapped with characters from both end with a hilarious effect.

From Chun-Li in a Panda suit, Cammy in King's wrestling get-up, to Kuma in its "Rainbow Mikuma" outfit, here are the awesomely wacky alternate outfits for the characters.

Check out the characters battling it out in their bold new outfits.

And here's a gallery of character promo art.

Here's the latest trailer that actually provided some background why the two groups of fighters are tearing each other up while introducing a couple of new challengers into the fray.

And here are the new challengers round-up since our last coverage on the title.

From Namco's Tekken, we have Lili...

... And Heihachi.

And from Capcom's Street Fighter, we have Rolento...

... And Zangief.

And these are the screenshots of these new challengers in action.


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