WWE Elimination Chamber Preview

Posted by Grey Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tonight at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, WWE presents Elimination Chamber as we move on to the last stop on The Road to WrestleMania.

The final PPV before the "Showcase of the Immortals", WrestleMania, the third annual Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View (PPV) will take place tonight at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Being the final stop on the long hard Road to WrestleMania, Elimination Chamber traditionally played the role of delivering last-minute storyline changes, scripted title changes, surprise returns, and any likely major announcement to further hype up WrestleMania. At last month's Royal Rumble, we have witnessed the surprising triumphant of Sheamus in the titular main event, thereby emerging as the number-one contender for the WWE/World Heavyweight Title of his choice in the main, oh I mean upper-card event of WrestleMania (everybody and their dogs know that there is only one true main event in the upcoming WrestleMania), and tonight we shall have a clearer picture of the match card on "The Greatest Stage Of Them All", WrestleMania XXVIII.

Tonight, twelve contestants will battle in "Satan's Structure" containing "two miles of chain, 10 tons of steel, 16-feet in height and 36-feet in diameter," and other hyperbole you might want to insert yourself. Will Daniel Bryan survive the diabolical enhanced steel cage with his World Heavyweight Championship? With Santino Marella taking the place of Randy Orton, I will have to say he has a pretty good chance. We will also have a good sneak peek at the inevitable Punk/Jericho's battle for the "Best in the World" moniker in the red brand's Elimination Chamber match.

John Cena's war with the Big Red Machine, Kane, concludes tonight with an ambulance match following the mental and physical destruction of Cena's (former) friend Zack Ryder. Will Cena finally embrace the hate of WWE Universe? Meanwhile, in a more insignificant part of the WWE Universe, Tamina Snuka is the latest challenger for Beth Phoenix's WWE Divas Championship.

Over at our prediction department, our third choice Sheamus won the Royal Rumble while we accurately predicted the results of both WWE/World Heavyweight Championship match. For those keeping the score, we also had a perfect score for both Raw and SmackDown's Elimination Chamber matches last year.

Now on with our snap preview for the show.

Raw Elimination Chamber Match

Reigning WWE Champion CM Punk takes on Dolph Ziggler, Chris Jericho, The Miz, R-Truth, and Kofi Kingston.

With a notably more talented line-up, the Raw iteration of the Elimination Chamber is quite likely the better one in terms of match quality. However, the match is also the more hard-to-predict one despite the fact that there are only two likely winners.

Predicted Winner: CM Punk

While Kofi Kingston is only thrown in to make up the numbers, former tag team partners-turned-bitter rivals The Miz and R-Truth are on the way to perhaps a WrestleMania grudge match. Perhaps more so after the god-awful botch spot by The Miz from a few weeks ago when R-Truth dived at him from the ring. Dolph Ziggler has only recently made it to the WWE Championship title picture but is unlikely to move further up the line since WrestleMania season has kicked off.

So realistically, the earlier mentioned inevitable Punk/Jericho's battle for the "Best in the World" moniker is bound to happen at WrestleMania XXVIII. So the only question we have is whether WWE will go the conventional way by letting Jericho take the title tonight and have Punk utilizing his rematch clause at WrestleMania or if Punk were to retain the title somehow and still facing Jericho at WrestleMania but as a reigning champion.

In all honesty, the WWE Championship has been considerably hurt by the "hot potato" title changes throughout the Summer. By continuing Punk's healthy title reign, the damage can yet be repaired especially at this juncture of time when we are heading into WrestleMania.

SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match

Reigning World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan takes on Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Big Show, The Great Khali, and Santino Marella. Yes, you read that right. Santino Marella.

With SmackDown's ratings continue to remain strong, Bryan's originally perceived short title reign has just gotten a boost and it is increasingly apparent that he might be heading into WrestleMania XXVIII as the champion to beat. While we don't quite agree with his heel-turn, we must say that he is doing a good job, running with the ball in hand.

With Orton apparently sustained a concussion on Raw, his place has been taken by Santino Marella, after surprisingly winning a battle royal on SmackDown. At best, Marella will be a comic relief that might yet be decent. However, with The Biggest Athlete in The World, Big Show, being the next viable winner, we are not really that pumped up about this particular Elimination Chamber match with perhaps the least star quality in the history of all Elimination Chamber matches.

Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan
While it is unlikely that both WWE and World Heavyweight Championship are retained in both matches, we opined that Bryan winning is perhaps the only way to go. That is, unless Marella is taken out early in the match by perhaps, a returning Christian or Alberto Del Rio, who then go to win the title. THis is quite unlikely as the writers have done a good job in building the cowardly champion Bryan and people would really pay to see him lose the title.

John Cena vs. Kane (Ambulance Match)

Finally, we are at the final chapter of the "Embrace the Hate" saga that was filled with poor acting and over-the-top drama. While the idea of Kane wanting Cena to win his match-up with The Rock at WrestleMania XXVIII by forcing him to embrace the hate is pretty unique for us, the execution of the painstakingly drawn-out storyline has so far fell short. If you have seen the Cena/Kane episode one on last month's Royal Rumble, you have basically seen everything. And we have seen too much of the blasted ambulance on last week's Raw too.

Prepare for a most painful and unnecessary long match.

Predicted Winner: John Cena
We still longed to see you, heel-Cena. Mere weeks from WrestleMania XXVIII where a match that has been billed at the "The Greatest Match in WWE History" would be taking place between Cena and The Rock, we just can't see how Cena is going to lose this one. So what matters is how he get there. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, if you have been like us, longing to witness the final heel-turn of John Cena, this would be the night if it will ever happen (tonight or the WrestleMania match itself, in fact).

Cena will embrace the hate and totally destroy Kane. And probably Ryder too if he shows up. And if it's back in the Attitude Era, he will probably rape Eve while he's at that. Kane seemingly did it last week.

Divas Champion Beth Phoenix vs. Tamina Snuka

Ah, the Divas Champion returns to PPV this month.

The totally unintersting Divas scene has been recently injected with an extremely unhealthy dose of gas (literally). I serious don't know if the fart joke is more offensive or the "Piggy James" arc.

That said, Tamina (now included with the Snuka namesake) is a far better wrestler as compared to almost every other Divas. The match should be better than the usual Divas fare but do note that this is just a placeholder before the full-blown return of Kharma at perhaps WrestleMania.

Predicted Winner: Beth Phoenix
As aforementioned, it is unlikely that a title change will take place with Kharma looming on the horizon of the WWE Divas Championship.


The Rundown

We are on the final stop on the Road to WrestleMania. While one of the two Elimination Chamber matches is perhaps the most unappealing one in the history of the course of this particular type of match, we are interested in having a sneak peek at Punk/Jericho. In addition, despite the expected poor quality of the Kane/Cena match, we have been awaiting the moment of the birth of Heel-Cena. Make it happen, WWE.


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