The Avengers: Concept Art

Posted by Grey Sunday, May 20, 2012

We have all witnessed the sheer awesomeness of Marvel Studios' The Avengers. Now brace yourself as we looked into the awe-inspiring concept art that help to bring the film to life, courtesy of Los Angeles-based concept artist Steve Jung.

First up, a totally unsurprising newsflash for the day: The Avengers dominated the box office yet again for the third consecutive week. We already reported on the incredible box office performance for the superhero all-star film directed by fan-favourite director Joss Whedon last week and it seems that The Incredible Hulk (and his merry friends)'s smashing path has no intention of stopping with the film topping this week's box office records with another $55 million added to their stellar domestic gross of $457 million. And all that within a record-breaking seventeen days.

That said, this week's challenges from the newly-released films are relatively feeble with the closest challenger, Battleship, at the second place with $25.3 million.

And while I can safely say that the critical and box office success of the film is to the credits of director Joss Whedon and (for lack of a better word) the marvellous cast, we have to give some credits to the amazing set designs for some of the key sequences from the film.

Thanks to Los Angeles-based concept artist Steve Jung, we know exactly who to thank. Jung has graciously put up some of the concept art pieces did by him on his website. Interestingly, we learnt that there was supposed to an opera scene that depicted the Thor legend on stage in the film. Hit the jump to check out these illustrations and do head over to the site to marvel on his other awesome work.

Thor vs. Hulk
Illustration inside the Helicarrier of the fight between Hulk and Thor

Ironman Closet
Helicarrier interior of Ironman suit

Stark Tower Concept
An illustration of the Stark Tower

Thor vs. Ironman
Forest Illustration of Thor and Ironman fight

Opera House
A set not used in the movie. An opera scene of the Thor legend.

Helicarrier Study
Design study sketch for the Helicarrier

Helicarrier Sketch
The initial sketch for the Helicarrier

Helicarrier Sketch 3
Helicarrier study sketch

Stark Tower
Early Stark Tower concept art

Thor on Chrysler
Concept art for the top of the building set for scale

Avengers Aftermath
forest set illustration for mood, props and key frame

Black Widow Warehouse
Russia warehouse set for the Black Widow fight

Source: Steve Jung


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