Vindication Series Assembles Video Games' Very Best

Posted by Grey Saturday, May 12, 2012

In a tradition not unlike Earth's Mightiest Heroes, video games' very best action-adventure characters assemble for Vindication Series, a stunning series depicting stunningly epic moments of crossover fantasy, courtesy of artist Ariel Flores AKA lonefirewarrior.

Optimus Prime, Boba Fett, Commander Shepard, Lighning, Samus, Isaac Clarke, and Master Chief fighting side by side in an epic battle to end all epic battle?

In the wake of the sense-shattering box-office success of Marvel Studios' superhero all-star epic, The Avengers, we can imagine the leftover adrenaline pumping through everyone's fantasy pore for a kick at superheroic orgasm. And now, thanks to the work of artist Ariel Flores AKA lonefirewarrior, and the wonders of Garry Newman's "Garry's Mod," brace yourself for one hell of a video game crossover art that are certainly not your standard issue fanart. The characters looked just the way they are in their respective titles all thanks to the earlier mentioned "Garry's Mod, an incredible mod toolset that allows players to tinker with titles that utilizes Valve Software's Source Engine.

In "Vindication Series" , an action-packed series filled with everything Michael Bay (explosions, stylized ensemble walk, and ill-arranged romance), video games' best action heroes gathered for some ass-kicking photo shot.

In the artist's own words:

A Garry's Mod series involving a monumental war set in a sci fi universe not too dissimilar from the universes in which the depicted characters are from.

With no further ado, check out the deviantART page featuring all artwork in hi-res format, or hit the jump to check out some of these cool illustrations, complete with commentaries as well as musical suggestion while appreciating the works from the artist.

Even Heroes Know When to be Scared
Even the strongest heroes have their breaking point. Isaac Clarke(Dead Space), Master Chief(Halo), Samus Aran(Metroid), Commander Shepard(Mass Effect) and Lightning(Final Fantasy) looking over a decimated city. A whole lot more 'shopping than I usually do and I think it can still use more work. Oh well.

"Slip Out the Back" by Fort Minor was the inspiration for this [link]

The Pain, It Comes in Waves
Our heroes(MC, Isaac, Samus, Lightning, and Commander Shepard) deep in the shit as worlds begin to fall. I might make a series out of this, maybe add more characters, since I like this crossover shit.

Let the Devil Come

Even with more team members(Sam Gideon-Vanquish, James Raynor-Starcraft), our heroes can't save every person or every city. Might have went overboard with the embers. But since everything is supposed to be burning around them, I guess that's not too much of a problem.

As with most things I do, this was inspired by another song. You have no idea how amazing this song is so you better click the link or I'll eat your head.
"End of the Line" - Murder By Death [link]

Dreams in Which I'm Dying Are the Best I've Had
How does one sleep after seeing so much death and knowing there's much more to come? Do they dream of finally being released from this world, or are the dreams in which they die the least terrifying of all their nightmares? Far less action than the first three but I think it sends a clearer message about what I'm going for in this series. The new woman is Trishka Novak from Bulletstorm if you don't recognize her.

"Mad World" - Gary Jules [link]
I probably should have saved this one for when I finally add Marcus Fenix to the team. Oh well.

When You Are With Me I'm Free
The Fett-man has arrived.

Bonds formed by people who constantly have each other's lives in one another's hands are stronger than any other. Of course, the nature of the bonds and how they're expressed are a whole nother story entirely.

BTW, the full size picture is big as fuck.

"My Sacrifice" - Creed [link]
This song feels like the kind of song you'd hear in a makeout sequence in a Michael Bay movie.

Cold and GrayOptimus Prime rolling out.

Through the ruins of countless homes and over the bones of the dead, our heroes press on. After seeing The Avengers, I kind of wanted to make a semi-heroic pose. Editing the Fett-man's jet exhaust was kind of a pain in the ass and I still think it looks bad. Oh well.

The Day the World Went Away - Nine Inch Nails [link]

Source: Kotaku via Vindication Series by lonefirewarrior on deviantART


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