Iron Man 3: New Concept Art

Posted by Grey Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's the Fourth of July and America's favorite genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist is apparently under attack... based on what we saw in the first concept art for the upcoming Iron Man 3, graciously unveiled by Marvel Studios.

It's the Fourth of July and boy does Marvel Studios have something in store for the Americans... The first concept art for Iron Man 3 has been released online courtesy of Marvel Studios.

In this new piece of concept art by artist Ryan Meinerding, we find Tony Stark in quite a tight spot, caught in the middle of a stand-down while in the process of his transformation to Iron Man.

For those who didn't managed to follow our earlier first look article on the much-anticipated film, the film will be featuring celebrated actor Guy Pearce (who last surprised with his turn as Peter Weyland in Prometheus) as Aldrich Killian, an antagonistic figure in Warren Ellis' game-changing comic book arc, "Extremis". It has been heavily reportedly that director Shane Black will indeed be adapting Ellis's critically acclaimed storyline with James Badge Dale and Ashley Hamilton playing the respective roles of Coldblood and Firebrand, both addition to the arc.

On to other related news on Iron Man 3, we have covered on the leaked images of Iron Patriot, which is a source of some buzz in itself, given its deeply rooted nature in recent comic book arcs. However, Latino Review has reported that the star-spangled armor is in fact an iteration of Don Cheadle’s War Machine in Iron Man 3, with the white man seen in the armor being just a stuntman.

Earlier, we also reported on a pretty credible news on Sir Ben Kingsley's turn as the diabolical nemesis of good ol' Shellhead, The Mandarin. While this point has not exactly been officially acknowledged by Marvel, it has also been much-speculated that The Mandarin will be playing a more silent partner role to Pearce's Killian. In addition, with leaked set images (courtesy of iO9) revealing a signpost of "A.I.M.". For the uninformed, A.I.M. stands for Advanced Idea Mechanics, a nefarious terrorist organization notorious for their technological superiority. How superior are they really? Well, in the comic books, they created the Cosmic Cube, which is the Tesseract for you fair weather Marvel Zombie/movie-goer.

If this is somehow foreboding of the coming of MODOK to the big screen, we urge all to sell everything if need be to get on the ride of Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 2. What's a MODOK? The leader of A.I.M. whose name is an acronym for Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing, is quite possibly the ugliest supervillain out there. Talk about awesomeness.

More on Iron Man 3 will be unveiled come San Diego Comic-Con later this month. The film is currently scheduled for release on May 3rd, 2013.


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