The Rockabilly Dark Knight

Posted by Grey Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's a Blast from the Past as we return to the 1950s with Italian artist Denis Medri's Rockabilly take on the Dark Knight mythos.

There is without a shadow of a doubt that Batman is one of the most recognized icons in the world. Given the Dark Knight's status in pop culture, we have understandably seen some of the most outlandish iterations on Batman and his colorful cast of heroes and villains.

Today, I am quite certain that we are witnessing something unprecedented, thanks to Italian artist Denis Medri: Batman, still kicking asses in the seedy 1950s greaser scene, complete with some truly ridiculously nifty take on the entire cast of the Dark Knight mythos. Check out Two-Face, an unbelievable "mix of Ricky Cunningham and a Evil Fonz", a Bettie Page take on Catwoman, and a Teddy Boy style Joker.

Hit the jump to witness the entire Rockabilly cast of Gothamites (complete with commentaries from the artist), and head over to Denis Medri's deviantART page for more incredible alternate take on the superheroes.

Batman Rockabilly - sketches

this is something I've made for fun

a 50's Rockabilly version of Batman

with a Batmobile in a HotRod version...

Batgirl-Gordon-Alfred Rockabilly

Catwoman Rockabilly

I Continue to do my re-design of the Batman Universe in 50's Rockabilly style
Catwoman could not help but be inspired by Betty Page..

Joker Rockabilly

still for my redesign of Batman in Rockabilly 50's way

a Joker in a Teddy Boy style...

Killer Croc and Mr Freeze Rockabilly

Croc is a greaser , muscled and violent , the classic bully of the block

Mr Freeze isn't a mad scientist but a sort of merciless killer , cold an infallible...

Nightwing and Robin Rockabilly

Seems that my Batman rockabilly had a good success around the web..
so I've decided to continue on that way ,drawing other characters of the Batman Universe in 50's style....

Poison Ivy and Bane Rockabilly

Continue with my 50's rockabilly re-design of Batman Universe

Poison Ivy + Bane

with an Ivy inspired by Seymour of "little shop of horrors"

The Riddler and Harley Quinn Rockabilly

Two Face + Penguin Rockabilly

Not so convinced on Two Face , mix of Ricky Cunningham and a Evil Fonz

Penguin is a sort of entrepeneur fish industry import/export with criminal attitude

In a tribute to the outlandish take on Batman, sculptor Johnny Vu has rolled out a cool action figure of the character.

Source: Denis Medri[deviantART] via iO9


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