Until Dawn: First Look - Gamescom 2012 - Undead Monday

Posted by Grey Monday, August 20, 2012

This Undead Monday, we take a look at Until Dawn, a new video game announced at the recently-ended Gamescom that promises a new horror experience to the PlayStation Move.

While this year's Gamescom has been largely underwhelming, there are still several interesting surprises with Dontnod Entertainment and Capcom's Remember Me (more on that later) and to a slightly lesser extent, Until Dawn developed by Supermassive Games exclusively for the PlayStation Move.

Earlier this year, Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon's The Cabin in the Woods took us for one hell of a ride through its innovative take on the run-of-the-mill horror film where horny, dumb-ass college kids got stuck in a secluded hole and getting brutalized one by one by a serial killer/ghost/insert your own unspeakable supernatural entity. So far, the film is no doubt one of our favorite films of the year and in fact, our favorite horror film in recent years. While we are pretty certain Until Dawn won't be as clever as that film, it does looked gorgeous enough to warrant a closer look with its similar concept to the film.

Developed exclusively for Sony’s motion controller, Move, the title has the player using the PlayStation Move controller as a flashlight with multiple intuitive controls that will guide the players with their movements and actions in the game. The storyline path will be linear but players can play through each of the eight characters and even complete with all eight characters alive or just one last survivor standing.

Hit the jump to check out the first trailer of the title.

Here's the official synopsis of the video game:

One night, you and seven other teenagers are on a remote mountain on the anniversary of your friend’s mysterious death. The power’s out, there’s no phone reception and you’re trying to get the hot cheerleader to notice you.

What could possibly go wrong?

Star in a Horror Film – You are alone in the woods on a cold winter night. Uncover who is hunting you and your friends in a thrilling experience full of desperate action and puzzle solving.

Full control and interactivity - More immersive thrills as you use your PlayStation Move as a flashlight to light the shadows, tune radios, fire shotguns, solve puzzles and hook up with the hot cheerleader.

Pass the flashlight, share the fear - Face your fears alone or take a cue from the on-screen cast, and pass your controller over to a friend.

Evolving story and relationships - Play as multiple characters throughout the story, discover who your friends really are, and experience multiple endings as your actions determine the finale.

The box art of the title.

Official images released thus far.

Until Dawn is set to be released early next year.


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