Looper: Martin Ansin's Poster & Disney's 1994 'Original' Version

Posted by Grey Wednesday, October 10, 2012

As The Daily Zombies continue to stuck in a time-loop over Rian Johnson's marvellous time-travelling sci-fi film, Looper, we take a look at artist Martin Ansin's gorgeous graphic rendition of the film as well as an incredibly spliced-up clip 'revealing' the truth behind the critically-acclaimed film: It was a remade of a 1994 Disney film! 

Like what many expected, writer-director Rian Johnson's Looper has by now officially became a sleeper hit with overwhelmingly positive reviews from most major film critics and whatnot while continuing its modest run at the box office. Are we witnessing a cult film in the making, much like Duncan Moon's Moon and Neill Blomkamp's District 9? Only time will tell but we can certainly conclude that the film heralds the coming of a genuinely talented film-maker to watch out for in Rian Johnson.

In our earlier preview for the film, we mentioned about the audio commentary track  for the film that the ever-so-friendly director has conjured strictly for the cinema-hopping fans of the film that he made available for download. Earlier last week, iO9 conducted a live interview with Johnson of which fans can pose their questions directly at the director. All kinds of questions that you can think were asked: From the Marvel or DC comic that he would like to adapt; the director's favourite time-travelling movies; why not just send the victims to a prehistoric times (to deal with the dinosaurs); how the mobsters (both past and future) communicate; and (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT) why can't Joe blow his hands off instead of taking himself out? This is some essential reading materials for fans of both the film and the director so do head over to iO9 to check it out.

Meanwhile, Mondo, the Alamo Drafthouse's collectible art boutique has released an incredible graphic rendition of the film conjured by artist Martin Ansin. An awesome and powerful image channelling on the emotional gravitas of the film, the poster comes in two version, one in gold and the other in silver. Without further ado, hit the jump to check out the awesome posters.

Looper by Martin Ansin 
$50 Silver Edition of 320 
$50 Gold Edition of 320 

From the words of the artist himself:

Limited edition screenprinted poster for Rian Johnson's sci-fi sleeper hit, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt and Bruce Willis. Keeping with a major plot point in the film, two versions of the poster were produced; a gold-colored version and a silver one, both in metallic inks.

And here are the nitty-bitty details for the fans to grind on.

In closing, while reading the iO9 live session with Rian Johnson, we were alerted to a parody trailer for the film, and we simply thought this is too awesome to missed out for fans of the film. 

A trailer of a 1994 "original" (and infinitely more kid-friendly) version of Looper was "unearthed" by the funny folks at Screen Junkies. Featuring a much, much more hairier and younger Bruce Willis and an extremly young Joseph Gordon-Levitt in their roles as old and young Joe, the clip brilliantly spliced together scenes from Willis' "The Kid" and JGL's "Angels in the Outfield" for one hell of a hilarious parody. Well, at least Johnson himself has called it, "Yes!!! It's freakin hilarious!" in the interview.

Hit the jump to check out the hilarious clip.


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