WWE '13: CM Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Posted by Grey Thursday, October 18, 2012

Come October 30, the Dream Match between current reigning WWE Champion, CM Punk, and the iconic 6-time WWF Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin, can be a reality in WWE and THQ's upcoming video game, WWE '13. But will their recent encounter sitting down in an interview mediated by good ol' JR lead this tense rivalry to a match at WrestleMania XXIX?

Here at The Daily Zombies, we never hide the fact that we are big fans of professional wrestling and we certainly have no intention of hiding the fact that year in and year out, one of the most played video games in our consoles is THQ's long-running, best-selling WWE series. With this year's WWE '13, we have been especially attentive and have been covering the title since its first announcement ahead of this year's E3 with reigning WWE Champion CM Punk heading the promotional campaign surrounding the "Revolution" theme to the unveiling of the full roster of the much-anticipated game at SummerSlam Axxess.

With the title set to hit all fine game stores come October 30, 2012, WWE has released an awesome video clip featuring good ol' JR, Jim Ross, mediating a fateful encounter between "The Best in The World" - current reigning WWE Champion CM Punk, and the legendary WWE icon that personified the game-changing Attitude Era, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Originally set to promote the upcoming video game, the session went on to produce intense electricity and some of the coolest exchanges we have seen all year. Inevitably, we have to ask: Is the Dream Match between CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania XXIX at MetLife Stadium likely to happen?

Without further ado, feel the electricity yourself in the clip embedded below.

Adding up more fire to the feud, Stone Cold Steve Austin tore down Punk further in this hilarious interview where he also tore the hapless WWE Games Community Manager Aubrey Sitterson apart.

On to the title itself, we are also thrilled to learn that Paul Heyman, much-touted as one of the greatest minds ever in the business, was appointed as WWE '13's Creative Rabbi for the popular WWE Universe Mode. Heyman himself filled us in on what his role as a "Creative Rabbi" entails in the following clip.


 Have a taste of WWE Universe Mode 3.0 in WWE '13 in the below clip.


Here's what to expect in this year's downloadable content.

 Live the Revolution with the WWE '13 television trailer.


WWE '13 will be released on October 30, 2012 in North America and November 2, 2012 in United Kingdom.


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