With a finalized release date of December 18, the long-awaited full trailer of The Grandmasters 《一代宗師》, the much-anticipated epic action drama from auteur film-maker Wong Kar Wai (王家衛), has been released along with a set of official posters and promotional images.

The last time we covered the much-lauded Hong Kong-based film-maker Wong Kar Wai (王家衛)'s bold cinematic take on the legendary pugilistic master Ip Man (actually, it is Yip Man, but the other pronunciation has been made more popular thanks to the popular Donnie Yen's Ip Man film series), it was more than a year ago when we unveiled the first teaser trailer of the much-anticipated film. 

And those were saner time when Hong Kong veteran actor Anthony Wong was sober enough to not take on the eponymous role of the aforementioned popular film series when Donnie Yen wisely decided not to burn the franchise to the ground with every milking effort. And now, here we are with the impending 3D release of Ip Man - The Final Fight <葉問-終極一戰> come next April, depicting the final days of the Wing Chun master.

Coming back to the subject on hand, we wisely decided against placing The Grandmasters along our "Most Anticipated Film of 2011" or even 2012 thanks to the infamously lengthy filming and production period that Wong Kar Wai is renowned for. But we never really expect the full trailer to only come more than a year later. And now, with no further ado, check out Wong Kar-wai's unique vision of a "Pugilistic world that have moved on" (逝去的武林) and veteran Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Chiu-wai (梁朝偉)'s take on the late Wing Chun master who was the real-life master of Kung-fu legend Bruce Lee himself.

And here are some of the recently-released promotional images from the film. Hit the jump to check out the first picture with kid Bruce Lee right beside Tony Leung's role as Yip Man.

And here are some of the postcard souvenirs with an "old-school envelope" design that are set to be given away for those catching the première of the film in China. Yes, the première. The film will indeed be released after all on December 18 next month in Mainland China and Hong Kong.


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