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Posted by Grey Friday, November 23, 2012

The Playmobil Zombie Apocalypse has returned! Set to kick off tomorrow, Mikie Graham's Zombie Art Project is back with the toy artist's solo exhibition, The Return of the Zombie Art Project, at the Toy Art Gallery in Hollywood, California. The Daily Zombies takes an in-depth look at what undead goodies await at the show. 

With our coverage for last year's Halloween culminated into the Zombie Art Project, it goes without saying that we are big fans of toy artist Mikie Graham's works depicting a full-fledged zombie apocalypse with our favourite childhood toyline, the Germany-based Playmobil. The ensuing result is a delightful hybrid of timeless     innocence and macabre grisliness. Apart from some well-executed customization, the project also featured elaborate playsets that one can expect from Playmobil but with a relentlessly brutal undead favour.

Coming off last year's success, Mikie Graham will be presenting his very first solo exhibition, "The Return of the Zombie Art Project", at the Toy Art Gallery in Hollywood, California. A continuation of the awesome Zombie Art Project, we took an in-depth look to have a better sense at what we can expect at the show and are delighted to conclude that things are certainly bigger and badder this time round. Hit the jump to check out the official press release from both Mikie Graham and Toy Art Gallery, followed by an awesome preview of the show, complete with some sardonic commentary from the toy artist himself.

Press release from Mikie Graham:

"Last year toy artist Mikie Graham customized 65 x Playmobil figures into a mini horde of the living dead he called the "Zombie Art Project". This year Z.A.P. is back with a completely new onslaught of total zombie madness. 30 customized Playmobil scenes that comprise Mikie's very first solo show "The Return of the Zombie Art Project" opening 11/24/12! 

What can zombie and toy fans alike expect of the show? Mikie hints that there will be a fun assortment of affordable single zombies, some more intricate midsize playsets, a GIANT 3ft x 3ft diorama, and some other MEGA surprises." 

Press release from Toy Art Gallery:

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present Mike Graham’s Z.A.P. 2012! The Zombie Art Project was started last year with 65 Playmobil figures customized into a mini horde of the living dead. This year, in Mikie’s very first solo exhibition, Z.A.P offers a completely new onslaught of total zombie madness. Over 30 intricate custom Playmobil playsets will be available, as well as a fun assortment of affordable single zombies, a GIANT 3ft x 3ft diorama, and some MEGA surprises! 

About Mikie Graham: Mikie Graham’s love affair with toys stared at an early age. As a child he collected and played with the traditional 80’s mass market action figures, but as he grew older he began to realize the unique beauty that these “toys” possessed. In high school Mikie could be found skipping class to hang out in the aisles of ToysR’us waiting for the new shipment of figures to come bursting out of their cardboard coffins. In 2002 on an extended visit to Japan Mikie discovered the world of designer vinyl and art toys. Since then he has become an avid collector and customizer of unique 3d art figures …. as well as the mass produced action figures of his childhood. 

Please join us and Mikie for the opening on Saturday, November 24th, from 7-10pm at Toy Art Gallery’s showroom located at 7571 Melrose Ave. Hollywood CA 90046. “Z.A.P- the Return of the Zombie Art Project” runs through December 8th.

Feast yourself on the deliciously macabre return of the Zombie Art Project, courtesy of Mikie Graham's tumblr blog:

Zombie Art Project 2 Day 23 “The Medical Experiment” 

“Desperate to find a cure for the mysterious zombie plague that has overtaken the world, this pair of government surgeons have dissected dozens of of corpses but found very few answers. As weeks of research stretch into months, the dwindling resources of this government run medical facility have made for tense relations between the scientists and the military grunts who are forced to go above ground and capture new “test specimens”.” 

Zombie Art Project 2 Day 22 “the Undead Nightmare” 

“Riding his trusty undead steed through the wastelands of the old west John Marston has seen it all - from the raging hordes and corpses to the horses of the Apocalypse. Now a Zombie himself John rides in search of something… what he can’t remember but if he keeps on riding long enough his next task will surely present itself.” 

Zombie Art Project 2 Day 21 Butch the Biker & his Family 

“When Jr. took a bite of out his old lady’s arm, Butch did what he had to do to save his family. Removing both her arm and the infection was the easy part, caging his only son and dragging him behind them as they travel from town to town… now that has been a lot more difficult.”

Zombie Art Project 2 Day 20 

“Sweeping the Z World Beauty Pageant, this gorgeous blue beauty has ushered in a new fad of zombie high fashion; Swollen red sores are now all the rage and teenage girls are desperate to contract this new desirable strain of the deadly virus.” 

Zombie Art Project 2 Day 19 The Street Musician” 

“Aimlessly wandering the corpse strewn streets, this old world street musician makes his living the traditional Gypsy way - a little music, a little show, and a monkey accomplice to pick the rube’s pockets when on one is looking.”

Zombie Art Project 2 Day 18 “Ghoul School” 

“Forced by their parents to attend class even after the change, these students have decided to take out their grade school angst on their poor unsuspecting teacher. Lucky for all involved she can no longer feel pain. Where did little Billy disappear to? And what’s that moving over in the corner? It looks like the loveable class pet “Lumpy” has found yet another unsuspecting meal. Basic education has just got a whole lot more base.” 

Zombie Art Project 2 Day 17 “The Rock Star” 

“This unnamed Grunge sensation may go down as the brightest and quickest burning star in rock history. Unable to balance his music career, demanding personal life and out of control drug addiction, this down and out rocker has decided to take the “easy way out.” Unfortunately for him the change hasn’t been all that easy.” figure comes with removable Heroin needle! 

Zombie Art Project 2 Day 16 “The Hippy and her California Cheeseburger” 

“Now, what I am about to show you next may shock and educate you. Hold onto your values as we step through the looking glass into a hippie pot party. While Johnny Welfare plays acid rock on a stolen guitar, his old lady has a better idea. That’s right, she’s got the munchies… for a California Cheeseburger!” 

Zombie Art Project 2 Day 15 Zombi VS Shark 

“Just off shore of the mysterious island of Matool, this buxom beauty decided to take a dip. Diving deeper down to get some underwater photos she has unwilling become entrapped in a bizarre battle for dominance. Zombie vs Shark who will win and claim their delicious looking prize?”

Zombie Art Project 2 Day 14 “Left Armed Lilith” 

“When Lilith lost her left arm to a zombie bite, she thought her earthly life was over. But luckily a quick and extremely painful amputation stopped the disease from spreading to the rest of her body. Now outfitted with a new diamond sharp prosthetic and a renewed zeal for life, Lilith has decided to dedicate the rest of her time to taking the world back for the living.” 

Zombie Art Project 2 Day 13 “The Zombie News” 

“Weather man, Chucky Storm got a quick promotion to full time reporter when Z-Day hit and none of his co workers showed up for work. Now the only guy in the Zombie News business, newly renamed Chuck Nightly goes about his business broadcasting the daily news once at noon and then again twice “Nightly” at 8 and 11.” 

Zombie Art Project 2 Day 12 "Granny Guts" 

“Despite her debilitating injury this crafty senior has found ways to get out and about for her daily shopping. An old basket and her largest yellow sun umbrella will provide all the protection she needs on her extended shuffle about town.” 

Zombie Art Project 2 Day 11

“A few small modifications to his pavement flattener and this ingenious construction worker has been able to stay relatively safe, while enjoying his new favorite pastime: drinking, listing to music and making the world a better place one flattened zombie at a time!” 

Zombie Art Project 2 Day 9 “The Grim Reaper” 

“Silent, merciless and inescapable the grim reaper roams the ravaged wasteland that is his kingdom looking for the few remaining lost souls to usher over to the other side. Cities fallen, society collapsed the grey walker is truly immersed in a world of his own making.”  

Zombie Art Project 2 Day 8 “The Campers” 

“When Z-day hit these two rugged outdoors enthusiasts were lucky enough to be outside of the city camping. Now three weeks later, this father daughter duo have decided to extend their trip indefinitely. A few small camp modifications (ie: noise making booby traps and impaled corpses, to provide scent cover) have allowed them to remain relatively undisturbed up until now. But now that the city has fallen, more and more walkers have been finding their way to this secluded campsite. It may be time to pull up stakes and move deeper into the forest…” 

Zombie Art Project 2 Day 7 “Fast Food” 

“The daily grind of this fast food employee hasn’t changed much since being bitten. He still works mind numbing hours behind a deep fat fryer, he still gets paid nearly nothing, and his customers are all still ravenous assholes. The only real difference has been the type of cuisine his restaurant has started to serve. Would you like a side of toasted toddler with that??”  

Zombie Art Project Day 6: “Shaun of the Dead” 

“Shaun, Liz and Ed have known each other for years, although its only due to this dreaded Zombie infestation that they have come to realize exactly how much they NEED each other. So much so that Ed, now a Zombie himself, lives and fights happily alongside his human companions. Best friends forever!” 

Zombie Art Project Day 5 : “Ultimate Escape Vehicle” 

"This group of industrious survivors have pooled all of their resources and skills to build this seemingly invincible moving fortress for one explicit goal… get hell out of the dead infested city. Everything is going well as they begin their dangerous journey but who knows what this rag tag group of survivors will face out on the open road."

Zombie Art Project Day 4: “Fester the Farmer & the Mad Cow” 

"Fester prides himself on only providing the freshest and pinkest “product” to his customers. When his prize head of cattle turned he simply moved on to a more available fresh food source…. and business has never been brisker!"

Zombie Art Project Day 3 : “Scary Krishna” 

"Roaming aimlessly through the newly dead world, this orange robed religious zealot is always looking for new converts. From children to the elderly, however he finds them he turns them. Maybe there will be new “converts” at the local mega mall…"

Zombie Art Project Day 2 : ”C. D. C.harlie and Melting Marvin” 

"Catching wind of an unidentified toxic spill somewhere in middle America, the Center of Disease Control sent out their most expendable man to look into the strangely glowing goo. Arriving to late to save the toxic spill’s first victim, Charlie realizes that his suit has a minor defect and that the vapor rising off of the green gunk has some strange, death inducing side effects." 

Zombie Art Project Day 1: “The Fisherman and His Ride” 

"The zombie apocalypse didn’t slow this crafty fisherman down any. On the contrary he has found a fast and effective form of transportation that allows him to continue to do what he has always loved: FISHING. The only problem being that “bait” for his cart is getting harder and harder to come by…"

The Return of the Zombie Art Project will be exhibited from November 24 to December 8 at Toy Art Gallery’s showroom located at 7571 Melrose Ave. Hollywood CA 90046.


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