WWE Zombies: Zombie of the Halloween Week

Posted by Grey Friday, November 2, 2012

This Halloween... The WWE locker room is hit with a deadly Zombie Apocalypse... Again. To commemorate All Hallow's Eve, WWE.com has been transforming its Superstars into members of the Undead. The Daily Zombies enters the Ring of the Living Dead to take a look at the WWE Zombies. 

Here at The Daily Zombies, we love professional wrestling and we don't even have to mention about our dedication for the dearly undead. While we have earlier seen a crossover of the genres in a relatively unknown comic book known as WWE Heroes, the two finally collide in the best fashion one can imagine: WWE Zombies.

With WWE.com celebrating the fifth instalment of their annual celebration of Halloween by transforming their Superstars into zombies via their best Photoshop efforts, we enter the Ring of the Living Dead to look at some of the most intriguing combination of the two components of pop culture.

Hit the jump for the introductory line followed by the cool undead renditions of the current crop of WWE Superstars.

Some say it's the years-old, dormant voodoo curse cast by Papa Shango. Others believe it to be the result of a McMahon experiment gone awry. Whatever it is, the viral zombie contagion has reached the squared circle. It's WWE Zombies!

"Decay"-J Lee

 Alberto Del "Muerte"

"Pale-x" Riley

Alicia "Rots"

"Creep" Show

"Mortis" Clay

 C-"Embalmed" Punk

Daniel "Dyin'"

All Hallow's Eve

The Cerebral "Assassinated" Triple H

Heath "Slayer"

"The Chomp" ... is here!


"Koffin" Kingston

"Lay'd-la" to rest

The "Underworld's" Strongest Man

"Mic-killed" Cole

Rigor "Mort-Miz"


Randy "Gore-ton"


Zombie Little Jimmy

The Monster of the 619

"Sin-tino" Marella

The Necrotic Warrior

"Icky" Guerrero

Long Island Iced-Zombie

"Death" Ziggler  

And from last year's WWE Zombie Mortuary, here are a gallery covering a wider range of WWE Superstars from yesteryears. 

Behold the expired, well, expiree WWE Superstars! See ghouls from the past in the WWE Zombie Mortuary.

"From Hell-a" Twins

"Death" Phoenix

C-"Embalmed" Punk

"CanDeceased" Michelle

Captain "Charis-Mauled"

"Grody" Rhodes

"Dead"-Generation X

Daniel "Dyin'"

The "RateDead-R" Superstar

Evan "Torn"



"Hacked" Swagger


Matt "Hardly Breathing"


Michelle "McCruel"

Mike "Eat 'Em-le"

John "Morgue-ison"

The Monster of the 619

"Sin-tino" Marella

Tommy "Screamer"

Wade "Bar-Rot"


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