Spaceship Alphabet

Posted by Grey Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Courtesy of Scott Markley, educate the next generation on the fundamental knowledge of sci-fi with the handy Spaceship Alphabet. 

In sci-fi culture, spaceships have been at the forefront of rabid fans' center of adoration with numerous spaceships being the primary symbol of the TVseries/films/novel it represent. Thanks to Scott Markley at Time for Hugs, we now can count on the ever-handy Spaceship Alphabet to educate the next generation on the essential spaceships in sci-fi lore.

The ABC rhyme as concocted by commentator David Lomax:

“A is for Andromeda 

(Its captain was Herc) 
B is for Bebop 
(Spike Spiegel’s a jerk) 

C is for Challenger 
Retired now – so sad 
D is for Destiny 
Seeding Stargates like mad 

E is for Enterprise 
With an awesome warp drive 
F is for Fireball 

G’s for Galactica 
The cylon attacker 
H is for Heart of Gold 
Stolen by Zaphod, a slacker 

I is for Ishimura 
A ship of great cost 
J is for Jupiter 2 
In space it got lost 

K is for Korolev 
Crewed by Russia’s best 
L is for Lexx 
Where they’re not always dressed 

M is for Millennium Falcon 
A smuggler of fame 
N is for Normandy 
From the video game 

O is for Orion 
Not yet completed 
P is for Pillar of Autumn 
Which went down undefeated 

Q is for Quinjet 
Built by Tony Stark 
R for Red Dwarf 
A sad sort of Ark 

S is for Serenity 
(Ironically – so frantic) 
T is for Tardis 
Its inside’s gigantic 

U is for Unity 
Which will re-seed our race 
V is for Voyager 
As homeward they chase 

W is for Watchtower 
The League has got clout 
X is for X-Wing 
Red Leader, pull out! 
Y is for Yamato 
Of considerable size 
Z is for Zero-x 
From those Thunderbirds guys”

Source: Time for Hugs via iO9


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