The Daily Zombies covered the first 23 pieces of the Playmobil Zombie Apocalypse presented in Mikie Graham's solo exhibition, The Return of the Zombie Art Project. Now readily available online, we take a look at the rest of the dearly undead from the awesome show.

From a tribute to Shawn of the Dead, a deep-sea battle between a shark and the undead, to spectacular stand-downs between law enforcement officers against the hordes of zombies, we have seen some pretty amazing and incredibly elaborate customized playsets from toy artist, Mikie Graham, AKA Zombie Monkie, in his solo exhibition at Toy Art Gallery’s showroom at Hollywood, California. Appropriately entitled "The Return of the Zombie Art Project," the sequel to last Halloween's Zombie Art Project, Mikie Graham continues his lovable hybrid project of timeless innocence and macabre grisliness by subjecting the figures of Playmobil to the worst kind of zombie apocalyptic treatments one can only imagine.

We have earlier had the opportunity to interview the toy artist and covered further on the awesome show. With the show set to end tomorrow, we take a final look at the rest of the beautifully twisted playsets from the show, courtesy of Mikie Graham's tumblr blog:

Zombie Art Project 2 Day 30 The Undead Attack on Precinct 13 

“When Zday hit, this small town police station was instantly overrun with chaos. After hours of radio silence it became apparent that the few spare officers out on emergency calls were not coming back and that the skeleton staff of Precinct 13 would be forced to take care of things themselves. Boarding and barricading the doors and windows turned out to be only a temporary solution to their overwhelming problems. As the boards gave way to the endless attacks of the undead outside, the remaining officers scattered in an desperate attempt to escape their own gruesome fates. Now an entire town’s calls for help go unanswered because the people who should be there to help… are in desperate need help themselves!”

Zombie Art Project 2 Day 29 “Trick or Treat” 

“Hidden underneath his now long out of season Halloween costume, this ghoulish ghost has been able to keep his massive head injury under wraps while he walks the streets looking for sweet treats to stuff into his sack.”

Zombie Art Project 2 Day 28

“In life Bingo and Snowflake were the Big Top’s biggest sensation, in death Bingo seems to have lost control over his feral performance partner… as well as his right arm.” 

Zombie Art Project 2 Day 27 Major Merciless’ Last Stand 

“Under siege from all sides, this well trained military man has been backed into a corner by the unstoppable swarm of the undead. Running low on bullets and down to his last grenade he’s starting to make plans for his final moments… and that brimming gas canister in the corner is starting to look like a fairly decent option.” 

Zombie Art Project 2 Day 26 “Face Off Frankie” 

“After watching his entire family eaten alive by a horde of the undead, this lone survivor has become a bit unhinged. Now truly alone in the world, he hunts the zombie strewn wasteland that was once his hometown with his trusty “jaws of life” indiscriminately killing and taking a trophy from every new corpse he creates.” 

Zombie Art Project 2 Day 25 Marco’s Fencing Academy 

“Marco’s Fencing Academy was on its last legs and about to close its doors for good when Zday hit. Enterprising young Marco saw an opportunity in this global disaster and quickly snatched it up. Restraining the first zombie he saw Marco quickly cornered the market on “live swordplay targets” and saved his dying business.” 

Zombie Art Project 2 Day 24 “Baron Samedi” 

“The Loa of sex and resurrection, Baron Samedi can be found at the crossroad between the worlds of the living and the dead. Known for his loud and lude behavior the Baron spends most of his time in the invisible realm drinking, smoking and making filthy jokes with the other spirits.”

The Return of the Zombie Art Project will be exhibited from November 24 to December 8 at Toy Art Gallery’s showroom located at 7571 Melrose Ave. Hollywood CA 90046. The entire show is now officially available for purchase through TAG's online store


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