Iron Man 3: Final Preview

Posted by Grey Wednesday, May 1, 2013

And here we go... again. Undoubtedly the most lucrative comic-to-film adaptation franchise ever, Marvel Studios boldly pushes on for Phase Two with the release of Iron Man 3. The Daily Zombies take a final look at the promotional campaign of easily one of the most anticipated films of 2013. 

By now, it is common knowledge that any properties rolling out from Marvel Studios films are something worth our utmost attention given the smashing success of its unprecedented initiative of lining up a series of big-budget films based on its stable of iconic superheroes into what has by now known to all as Phase One. The bold move paid off in the best imaginable way culminating with The Avengers, the film that is currently at the number three spot of the all-time box office records in the world. And here we are, at the release of the first entry of the Phase Two of the highly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe: Iron Man 3.

Already breaking the box office records globally with its international release late last month across Asia and arguably more importantly, China (given its special attention), the seventh instalment of Marvel Cinematic Universe and incidentally the first chapter of their Phase Two plan is a shoo-in for one of the top-selling films of the year given the tremendous hype and anticipation by both casual audience and the Marvel Zombies. With an unconventional choice of director in Shane Black (who has on the record described his take as a "technological crisis thriller," there is no doubt that Iron Man 3 is something no self-respecting cinema aficionado or Marvel Zombies can sit out.

Here at The Daily Zombies, we have covered both developments as well as promotional campaigns of the film incessantly and now at the final path of the road, we take a look at the final batches of promotional items coming out from the unstoppable marketing engines of Marvel.

For those who have yet to checked out the trailer, I suggest a consideration of moving out of that rock you have been hoarding at. And while you are at that, here's a quick recap of what to expect with one of the latest TV spot for the film.

Given the stellar box office records of The Avengers, there is no doubt that Iron Man 3 is among the top releases of the year. And as with any other high profile cinematic releases, Mondo, the collectible art division of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, is not far away. Summoning two of their most popular artists, Martin Ansin and Phantom City Creative, Mondo brings out their big guns for one of the biggest films of the year.

Here's what Martin Ansin commented on his piece:

It’s Iron Man comics that led me into drawing when I was a little kid. All it took for me to get hooked was an oversized shellhead collection by Tuska in black and white, magic markers, and a week sick in bed. Doing this poster has been amazing luck – and a tough job, with that 5 year old fan keeping tabs on it.”

Iron Man 3
Artist: Martin Ansin
Edition Size: 450
Size: 24″ x 36″
Price: $50

Iron Man 3 (Variant)
Artist: Martin Ansin
Edition Size: 200
Size: 24″ x 36″ 
Price: $75

And here's what Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative has to say for his piece:

To me, Tony Stark’s real super power is his intelligence and ingenuity. With the Iron Man 3 armory poster, I wanted to showcase that by featuring a schematic chart of all the Iron Man suits with Stark himself front and center.

Iron Man 3
Edition Size: 250
Size: 24″ x 36″ Glow in the Dark Screenprint
Price: $45

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, here's a cool poster featuring an alternate take on the film with a retro pulp vibe. Available exclusively to some lucky Entertainment Weekly subscriber who attended the screening of the film as part of EW’s CapeTown Film Festival. 

Being a major release on IMAX, many has expected the release of a special limited edition poster for those attending the midnight screenings of Iron Man 3. And that is indeed the case and in an exhilarating development, acclaimed artist Jock was approached to roll out the print that will incidentally be the last print in the IMAX 12:01 series. While that is no doubt a shame, the collaboration between Marvel StudiosIMAX and Mondo is certainly a glorious way to mark the end of the well-received series.

Hit the jump to check out the official poster by Jock, and as a bonus, the nine awesome concept sketches conjured by Jock while in the process of making the piece.

And here are the nine concept art pieces.

To coincide the release of the film, Acme Direct is featuring some new prints featuring concept art and graphic iterations for the film. Here are a couple of the prints available.

Hall of Armor

I Am Iron Man by Brian Rood

Teaming up with Red Baron Pizza for a cross-promotion, Marvel assembled a group of five artists including Andrea Di Vito, John Tyler Christopher,  Ron Lim, Jorge Molina, and Mike Perkins, to deliver five limited edition posters featuring an iteration of the new armor from the film.

Hit the jump to check out all five posters after the official press release detailing just how you can get your hands on these posters:

Marvel and Red Baron Pizza have your chance to win a limited-edition “Iron Man 3″ poster. Marvel artists have created a custom series of five Iron Man posters to be given away exclusively on the Red Baron Facebook page. Each poster in the series features Iron Man or Iron Patriot in a different heroic suit and scene. Play every day from April 19 to June 6 because each week 50 winners will be chosen! Also, one weekly grand-prize winner will receive a poster autographed by members of the “Iron Man 3″ movie cast!

To enter for your chance to win, visit and click on theIron Man 3 tab. The Posters For Posters app lets you choose a post to share on your Facebook wall, and you’ll know instantly if you’re a winner. Keep playing every day! These posters were created exclusively for Red Baron, and the only way to get one is to win one. Good luck!

Fifty posters a week means there’s a whole Hall of Armor’s worth of art to go around, Marvelites! Check out the Red Baron Facebook page for your chance at the top prize and let us know at the official Iron Man Facebook page and @Iron_Man if you win! Don’t forget, everyone wins May 3 when Tony Stark returns for his biggest adventure yet in “Iron Man 3,” only in theaters and IMAX 3D!

Mark 17 Heartbreaker poster by Andrea Di Vito

 Mark 38 “Igor” poster by Ron Lim

 Mark 39 “Starboost” poster by Mike Perkins

 Mark 42 poster by John Tyler Christopher

 “Iron Patriot” poster by Jorge Molina

And here are some official set images from the film.

In closing, here's a cool clip featuring a remix video made by audiovisual producer Mike Relm as he mashes all three Iron Man films with the classic Black Sabbath rock anthem of the same name. 



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