Bottleneck Gallery Presents Alice X. Zhang’s 'Moments'

Posted by Grey Saturday, June 8, 2013

Capturing some of the most memorable magical "moments" in cinematic history, artist Alice X. Zhang's first ever solo exhibition is here in New York City courtesy of Bottleneck Gallery. 

Here at The Daily Zombies, we have featured a considerable number of exhibitions featuring alternate graphic renditions on established licenced properties of pop culture from varied sources. From the unstoppable juggernaut Mondo, Gallery1998, Hero Complex Gallery, to up-and-coming ones like Odd City Entertainment, we have also covered a diverse selection of artists from the wildly popular Olly Moss and Tyler Stout. Ever so rarely, we do come across some truly astounding new talents in our chronicles. In the "Moments," the latest exhibition at New York City's Bottleneck Gallery, we witnessed just that in Alice X. Zhang.

Starting from June 7th, 2013, "Moments" is the incredibly talented artist's tribute to cinema as she attempts to capture the titular moments that either defined the film or is the key contributing moments to the film's overall greatness. Set to be exhibited until June 28th, 2013, "Moments" is Zhang's first-ever sole exhibition and will be featuring more than thirty pieces from the truly awesome collection.

Skeptical over our overwhelming praises for the artist's first show? Hit the jump and check out the collection and decide for yourself. Incidentally, the first piece featuring a scene from Danny Boyle's multi-award winning Slumdog Millionaire captured the precise magic of the scene with the joy and warmth of Freido Pinto. The rest are simply gems for any self-respecting film-fanatics.

"I Found You"

 "The Cleaner"

"We'll Start a Jazz Band" 

"What Kind of Bird Are You?"

 "An Ocean of Oil"

"Do I Look Like a Man with a Plan?"

"Golden Dragon"

"Something Extraordinary"

"The Darkness of Khazad-dûm"

"Oooh! That's a Bingo!"

"The House of Blue Leaves"

"The Shepherd"

The production process in sequential order.

"Win the Crowd, Win Your Freedom"

"You Have to Invite Me In"

"Youse Gon' Let Me Pick Out My Own Clothes?"

"A Moment of Absolute Clarity"


"Kothbiro (Rain is Coming)"

"There's No One More Full of Shit Than a Cop"

"A One Way Trip"

"It's Just Pretend"

"The Algorithm"

 "The Fabulous Destiny"

"The Marriage of Figaro"

"We Will Meet Again"

Head over to Bottleneck Gallery (60 Broadway in Williamsburg, Brooklyn) to check out the show.


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