I, Frankenstein: First Look - Undead Monday

Posted by The Daily Zombies Monday, July 15, 2013

This Undead Monday, we take a First Look at  I, Frankenstein, Australian film-maker Stuart Beattie's live-action adaptation of the Darkstorm Studios graphic novel of the same name by Kevin Grevioux. 

In I, Frankenstein, the upcoming live-action adaptation of the Darkstorm Studio graphic novel of the same name by Kevin Grevioux, Aaron Eckhart leads the cast as Adam Frankenstein, the infamous Frankenstein's Monster who has went on to inherit his creator's surname as he went about with his harrowing yet immortal existence two hundred years after the events in the original 1818 novel by Mary Shelley. Many might find Grevioux's name familiar as he is also the original screenwriter of Underworld. Perhaps intrigued to recreate the unexpected success of Underworld, Lakeshore Entertainment tapped on the might of Grevioux once more and brought Australian film-maker Stuart Beattie on board to rewrite the original screenplay and direct the film with similar themes to Underworld. 

With gargoyles (the good ones) and demons (the bad ones) fighting over the secret behind his immortality in an effort to harness that power, Adam Frankenstein is swept into the intrigue and action together with Yvonne Strahovski, playing the part of the standard issue scientist/hot babe, Terra. With creativity in Hollywood at an all-time low, a live-action adaptation of an obscure comic book is always welcome and the visual vibe we got from the first wave of posters is pretty encouraging thus far.

Hit the jump to check out the posters and cross your fingers to hope that this ain't another Van Helsing (the 2004 crappy monster fest directed by Stephen Sommers with Hugh Jackman as the titular character while Kate Beckinsale as the standard issue kick-ass babe).

The first image released for the film.

The cover of the original comic book series.

Here's the plot synopsis of the film, courtesy of Fandango:

Frankenstein's monster Adam (Aaron Eckhart) gets swept up in a long-running battle between powerful gargoyles and infernal demons who seek the key to his immortality as director Stuart Beattie brings Kevin Grevioux's acclaimed graphic novel to the screen in this sweeping horror fantasy adventure. Bill Nighy, Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda Otto and Jai Courtney co-star.

I, Frankenstein is currently scheduled to open in 3D on January 24th, 2013.


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