Pacific Rim: The Print Posse's Posters

Posted by The Daily Zombies Wednesday, July 31, 2013

After their astounding renditions on World War Z and J. J. Abrams' Star Trek Into DarknessThe Print Posse is back, and they are bigger and bolder than ever before to stay in line with the subject on hand: Guillermo Del Toro‘s Pacific Rim

Given its incredible scale and the equally incredible ambition of its director, Guillermo Del Toro ( who promised that film will be "the finest fucking monsters ever committed to screen"),  Pacific Rim has certainly lived up to its expectation, at least in our undead but humble opinions here at The Daily Zombies. Yes yes, we are fully aware of the considerably dismal box office stateside (though all we have heard internationally are good news that warranted a sequel), but given the current climate in Hollywood, we can't help but to applaud the effort to deliver a good ol' roaring good times at the cinema. 

And thanks to its killer reputation with everyone who loves to have themselves some good ol' fashioned big-ass robot vs. big-ass monster action, the film is one that truly found its way with the believers. After taking on World War Z, German-Swiss film-maker Marc Forster and actor Brad Pitt's live action adaptation of German-Swiss film-maker Marc Forster and actor Brad Pitt's live action adaptation of World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, author Max Brooks' 2006 acclaimed post-apocalyptic horror novel, as well as J. J. Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness, Blurppy has done it again with their third installment of the astounding works of The Print Posse as they take on none other than Pacific Rim. Unfamiliar with The Print Posse? Well, at least it's easy to explain them as their existence has only one objective: To rejuvenate the stale state of any noteworthy graphic presentation of the much-anticipated film. 

To be fair, I would unreservedly proclaim that Pacific Rim's graphic promotion is anything but stale but a bold dash of inspirational stroke is always welcome, and when it is directed to the truly awesome film, we have nothing to say but bring it on. And with Pacific Rim, it certainly has gotten bigger and badder. Previously for World War Z, a total of eight artists gathered while for Star Trek Into Darkness, a total of twelve artists took part. With this latest project, more than 24 artists participate with several providing more than a few pieces. As a result, Blurppy has to separate the entire project in two parts.

And now, with no further ado, hit the jump to check out these awesome renditions from the likes of Erin Gallagher,Fernando RezaMarie BergeronBen McleodDoaly, Johnny DombrowskiPaul ShipperMatt Ferguson and more.

Ben Mcleod

Ben Whitesell


Doaly (Image #1) 

Doaly (Image #2)

Doaly (Image #3)


Erin Gallagher

Fernando Reza (Blue)

Fernando Reza (Orange)

Joe Vetoe

Johnny Dombrowski – (Black & White Variant) 

Luke Butland

Marie Bergeron

Matt Ferguson 1

Matt Ferguson 2

Matt Needle

Patrick Connan
Patrick Connan

Paul Shipper

Richard Davies

Rodolfo Reyes

Samuel Ho

Samuel Ho

Sharm Murugiah

Japanese translation: “KAIJU WARNING: Seismic activity around The Breach. Prepare for battle.”

A translation for the poster from the words of the artist himself:  Most of it comes from the official Japanese poster. The big red letters at the bottom say “Pacific Rim” and according to a Japanese-speaking friend of mine, the yellow characters on the left translate most closely to “This giant soldier is Mankind’s last hope.” The text running vertically on the bottom right says “Anderson,” and the characters in the circle in the bottom left are just a stylized T and A, my initials. The credit block under the title is exactly as it appears on the official Japanese posters for the film. I’ve attached an image of the text on the original poster for comparison." 
ありがとう Tim…ありがとう


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