Batman: Arkham Origins - Nowhere To Run Trailer & New Images

Posted by The Daily Zombies Wednesday, August 21, 2013

With the release of the "Nowhere To Run" trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins at Gamescom, we take a look at the recent reveals of the upcoming prequel of the critically acclaimed Batman video game series. 

We have last checked out Batman: Arkham Origins as we kicked off our coverage of this year's E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) back in June. Today, we have a closer look at the upcoming prequel of the critically acclaimed Batman video game series with the release of a new trailer at Gamescom. Entitled "Nowhere to Run", the new trailer gives us more insight into the action-packed sequences in the title and further elevate our anticipation for the new entry of the wildly popular franchise now taken over by Warner Bros. Games Montreal

In this new trailer, we see the Dark Knight taking on an unexpected nemesis... no, we are not talking about the reveal of third-rate Rogues Gallery member Firefly, but Alfred Pennyworth as the good ol' faithful butler gives Bruce Wayne a little tongue-lashing of his own.

Hit the jump to check out the awe-inspiring trailer.

Earlier on last month, another member of the eight world's deadliest assassins was revealed: A heavily reimagined Copperhead. How heavily reimagined? Well, how about a gender change.

Hit the jump to check out the reveal trailer.

And here are some of the images released of late.

As part of the franchise's tradition, Batman: Arkham Origins comes with not one but two Collector's Edition, giving fans of the titles from all region some exhilarating bonuses. Containing a light-up statue of the Joker along with some pretty nifty LED effects, the North American edition has caught out eyes.

And here's what the North American, Australian and New Zealand Collector's Edition will be including, courtesy of the game's official Facebook page:

This awesome package includes a copy of Batman™: Arkham Origins, an exclusive Joker statue featuring LED effects, an 80-page, full-color hardcover art book, the full length DVD feature film Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics, exclusive in-game content and much, much more. 

Set to release on October 25, 2013, this Collectors’ Edition will be produced in limited quantities so be sure to pre-order and reserve your copy today!

For the UK version, we have more of the same but with a steelbook game case and more significantly, a 30cm statue of Batman and Joker.

Here's the image for all versions of the UK Collector's Edition.

And here are the recently released wallpapers for the title.

Different sizes of the wallpaper.

Wallpapers from the spin-off handheld title, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate.

And here are the official synopsis of the title:

The events of ARKHAM ORIGINS are set several years before BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM, in the middle of winter in fictional Gotham City. Batman is an experienced crime-fighter, but has not yet become the veteran superhero portrayed in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. He remains a mysterious force with even the police unsure if he is a vigilante, a myth or supernatural. Batman has battled with normal criminals and gangsters and is used to being stronger and faster than his targets, but on a snowy Christmas eve he is confronted with far more dangerous enemies: super villains tasked with killing Batman. The sadistic and brutal Black Mask has placed a bounty on the superhero, and Batman must discover why the villain harbors a deep hatred for him.

Black Mask is the most powerful man in the city, possessing vast wealth and resources, and controls Gotham’s criminal underworld, having eliminated his opposition and begun consolidating his power. His mask conceals his identity, allowing him to operate publicly as Roman Sionis, head of Janus Cosmetics. Black Mask’s henchmen help instigate a rise in crime and gang activity in the city. The Gotham City Police Department, led by Commissioner Loeb, and Captain James Gordon are wary of the new superhero in their midst, and are not his allies with corrupt cops actively working against him.

Old Gotham, the segment of Gotham City which will become the Arkham City prison, is not yet walled off or ravaged by flood, and contains slums, lower buildings, a large shopping mall, and docks where Penguin’s ship The Final Offer is stationed. Across the bridge from Old Gotham is New Gotham, the more modern metropolitan area of the city filled with towering skyscrapers.

Batman: Arkham Origins is currently scheduled to be released on Wii U, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 25, 2013. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate will be released on PlayStation Vita and 3DS on the same day.


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