Batman: Eternal & Detective Comics #27 Announced - NYCC 2013

Posted by The Daily Zombies Sunday, October 13, 2013

With the Dark Knight celebrating his 75th birthday next year, DC Comics have announced a series of projects commemorating one of the biggest icons ever and among them, an intriguing return to DC Comics' weekly publishing initiative: Batman: Eternal. 

A glorious return to weekly publishing is imminent for DC Comics as the publisher celebrates the 75th anniversary of Batman. 

Not so long ago, we were intrigued by how DC managed to pull off 52, a surprisingly good read especially considering its weekly published status. While the later Countdown is admittedly a notch down, we always have good will for DC's bold efforts and with the upcoming year-long weekly series focusing on Batman and the heroes and villains of Gotham City, we know we are in for some interesting times. 

Spearheaded by current Batman scribe and Zero Year creator Scott Snyder, the launch of Batman: Eternal is set to coincide with the Dark Knight's 75th anniversary and will include a team of writers the likes of James Tynion IV, Tim Seeley, Ray Fawkes and John Layman, with art by Jason Fabok. In an interview with USA Today, Snyder described the finite series as "a place for me to be able to work with good friends in terms of shaping Gotham in a bigger, grander and more game-changing way than ever before.”

Also in the plans to commemorate the 75th birthday of the Caped Crusader, DC has also announced the release of Detective Comics #27 next year. Celebrating the original Detective Comics #27, the 1939 comic book that first introduced the world to Batman, the 96 page special issue will feature contributions from an impressive line-up of creators headlined by Frank Miller, a name whom works on the character needs no further introduction. In addition, iconic artists who have shaped Batman along the years will be contributing with Neal Adam and Paul Dini being the two obvious biggest names on the list. Among other highlights, writer Brad Meltzer will join forces with artist Bryan Hitch to give us a modern retelling of Batman's origins. Variant covers for the special issues will be conjured by Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, Chris Burnham, Kelley Jones, Patrick Gleason and Mike Allred.

The variant cover by Chris Burnham

In other Batman-related news announced at NYCC, the dynamic duo behind the recent run of Flash, Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato, is set to switch city from Central to Gotham by taking over as the creative team on Detective Comics come next year.


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