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Posted by The Daily Zombies Thursday, October 3, 2013

Clamor for a kickass live-action rendition of comicdom's most iconic female superhero but all out of luck? It's your lucky day when Rileah Vanderbilt of Team Unicorn teams up with Sam Balcomb of Rainfall Films to bring you an awesomely adapted Wonder Woman. 

Apparently, bringing comicdon's most iconic superheroine to life is a Herculean task in and of itself. For starters, the failed 2011 NBC pilot produced by David E. Kelley with Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman. For those who still have problems imagining the scale of this predicament, even Joss Whedon himself, who successfully assembled the previously-thought impossible Avengers on screen, failed to pull it off. In short, Whedon has this to say about the Herculean task:

"Besides [Wonder Woman's] great origin story, there's nothing from the comics that felt right 100 percent, no iconic canon story that must be told. Batman has it made — he's got the greatest rogues gallery ever, he's got Gotham City. The Bat writes himself. With Wonder Woman, you're writing from whole cloth, but trying to make it feel like you didn't. To make it feel like it's existed for 60 years, even though you're making it up as you go along. But who she, and what the movie, is about, thematically, has never been a problem for me. But the steps along the way, it could be so easy for them to feel wrong. I won't settle. She wouldn't let me settle."

In this two-minute fan film, director Sam Balcomb of Rainfall Films and Rileah Vanderbilt of Team Unicorn provided some intriguing ideas on how to successfully pull off this Herculean task. Apart from the awesome costume that absolutely work despite its campy origins, the short film thrust Diana into a battle with evil men while reminiscing her time facing out-of-this-world mythological monstrosity. 

Hit the jump to check out this truly awe-inspiring take on Wonder Woman.

And here are some of the official images from the short film. Do head over to the Rainfall Film's official page for more set images.

Here's the official synopsis for the short film:

The Amazon warrior from Themyscira does battle with men and monsters in this new short project from Rainfall Films. Starring Rileah Vanderbilt, the film was a passion project from all involved; a unique take on the DC superhero beloved and respected by millions around the world.


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