WWE #1′ Variant Covers Unveiled & WWE.com Preview - NYCC 2013

Posted by The Daily Zombies Saturday, October 12, 2013

In the immortal words of both CM Punk and The Thing, "It's Clobbering Time!"

Courtesy of WWE.com and the recent unveil of the variant covers at the NYCC, The Daily Zombies takes a First Look at the upcoming "WWE" comic book series from WWE and Papercutz. Brace yourself for some astounding artwork for one of the most exciting (and somewhat strangely enticing) comic book debuts in recent years thanks to its writer, former WWE Champion Mick Foley. 

We have seen our fair share of less-than-serviceable comic book adaptation of the high lives of WWE Superstars (all things granted, WWE Superstars versus Zombies is indeed an awesome idea on paper, but the execution is for a lack of a better word, undesirable) But when WWE and Papercutz tap on the writing talents of former WWE Champion and everybody's favorite hardcore WWE Legend Mick Foley himself for the writing chores, we know we are in for one hell of a bizarrely good comic book. 

To make the deal even sweeter, WWE and Papercutz put together an incredible ensemble of distinguished comic book artists the likes of Michael Golden and Jill Thompson (who is no stranger to the WWE world) to conjure a series of variant covers for the premiere issue of the series. Paying homage to some of the iconic covers of the storied history of the comic book world, these covers also feature the typography of Tom Orzechowski, the legendary letterer of classic X-Men comics. For starters,Dean Haspiel took on Jack Kirby's cover to Daredevil #43 while CM Punk appropriately took on the role of The Thing in Fantastic Four #51's "This Man, This Monster".

For those concerned with the story, Foley has created a surreal world set in Titan City as the high drama of the pro-wrestling fuse itself with the real world mechanics of reality. WWE.com has released a three-page preview of the premiere issue, and we strongly encourage those who are in doubt with Foley's writing prowess to head over to check it out.

In the meantime, hit the jump to check out these awesome variant covers.

Undertaker Incentive Cover by Miran Kim

John Cena by Alitha Martinez

Kane and Triple H by Dean Haspiel

Mark Henry by Michael Golden

 CM Punk by Jill Thompson

For your reference, the two iconic covers.

WWE #1 will ship with the four evenly split variant covers while The Undertaker incentive cover will be free with every ten copies of the issue order.

And here are the details from the official press release from WWE:

WWE.com and Papercutz are proud to present an exclusive three-page, lettered preview of the first issue of the upcoming brand-new "WWE" comic book series, kicking off a new era in comics!
WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley brings us a unique, all-new adventure straight from the world of WWE’s powerful, ongoing clashes!

Welcome to Titan City, a metropolis where everyone’s hiding secrets and there’s no one to trust. In a corrupt world where everyone is looking to cash in, three larger-than-life combatants collide. John Cena’s been framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Randy Orton’s on the verge of achieving city-wide power. And CM Punk is determined to bring the whole corrupt system crashing down. From the scheming south side to the barren desert no man’s land where even the law refuses to go, the powerful factions of Titan City are locked in a battle for control in an unforgettable noir landscape. Featuring AJ Lee, Sheamus, The Undertaker, Daniel Bryan, and more!

WWE #1 ships with four even-split variants by Jill Thompson (The Sandman, Beasts of Burden), Michael Golden (Batman, Micronauts), Dean Haspiel (American Splendor), and Alitha Martinez (Batgirl, New Crusaders), paying homage to classic comic book covers with typographic re-creation by Tom Orzechowski.

A retailer incentive cover featuring The Undertaker by Miran Kim (X-Files, Hellraiser) is free with every 10 copies ordered.
Click "NEXT" to check it out!
WWE #1
Mick Foley, writer
Alitha Martinez, artist

“Money In the Bank” Part 1 of 4

32pp., full-color comic book: $2.99
UPC: 071896453058-01
RELEASE DATE: December 11, 2013

And here are the three-page preview, courtesy of WWE.com .

WWE #1 will be released on 11th December 2013.


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