All Hail the King Marvel One-Shot: First Look

Posted by The Daily Zombies Wednesday, January 15, 2014

All hail Sir Ben Kingsley's incredible turn as The Mandarin in Iron Man 3 as we bear witness to the continued misadventures of "The Mandarin" in "All Hail the King", a special Blu-ray collection. 

Spoiler Alert! If you have not caught the highest-grossing film of 2013 (yes, it has been knocked a peg down domestically thanks to Catching Fire, but it still is the highest-grossing globally).

While not everyone is not a fan of the twist of Iron Man 3 where The Mandarin, the arch-nemesis of good ol' Shellhead in the comic books, was revealed to be a delightfully silly junkie and British actor Trevor Slattery. Nevertheless, it has also been universally agreed that that Sir Ben Kingsley's turn as the master terrorist/clueless bum is easily one of the highlight of the film. 

Continuing Marvel Studios' awesome measure of providing fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe more reasons to purchase the DVD/Blu-ray releases of their films, the upcoming release for Thor: The Dark World will include yet another Marvel One-Shot. And this time, Sir Ben Kingsley is back to continue the misadventures of hapless actor Trevor Slattery in an epilogue to Iron Man 3 set in Seagate Prison. Written and directed by Drew Pearce, the co-screenwriter of Iron Man 3,  Scoot McNairy portrays the role of a film-maker visiting Slattery at the prison while making a documentary on "The Mandarin" and the truth behind the Ten Rings terrorist cell. In an effort to generate hype on the release, Marvel has released a clip on the short film entitled "All Hail the King".

Before we move on to check out the clip, it is noteworthy that way back in October 2012, we noticed some baffling issue behind Sir Ben Kingsley's neck in the first trailer of the film. This is what we mentioned:

And here's the single most baffling image with the first unveiling of Ben Kingsley's The Mandarin. What's up with Captain America shield-like tattoo with an Avengers "A" in the middle doing on the back of The Mandarin's neck? A result of one of Tony Stark's pranks?

And according to this Marvel Cinematic Universe Wikia, the meaning of the tattoo is as follows:

The Mandarin has a tattoo of Captain America's Shield on his neck. It has been noted that in place of the star is an "A", the symbol for anarchy. Kevin Feige has said that the Mandarin uses "symbolism of various cultures and iconography that he perverts for his own end." A popular theory is that he is attempting to twist the ideals the shield represents. This fits in with the speech that he gives in the trailer.

Really? Or is actually a hint to the hapless actor's slight madness? You decide as this first look clip once again highlighted the mentioned tattoo.

And without further ado, hit the jump to check out the first clip of what appears to be one exciting short film.

Here are the official images from the short film.


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