Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - New Trailer

Brace yourself for the big screen arrival (I know this ain't no MCU but still) of your new friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Miles Morales. And Spider-Gwen, Gwen Stacy.
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - New Trailer

Days Gone – This World Comes For You Trailer - Zombie of the Week

With PlayStation exclusive Days Gone set to miss its planned 2018 release window, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Bend Studio has released a new trailer ahead of E3 to give us an all-too-brief look at the much-anticipated zombie apocalypse survival horror title.
Days Gone – This World Comes For You Trailer - Zombie of the Week

The Girl in the Spider's Web: First Look

Lisbeth Salander returns on the big screen to kick down misogyny and patriarchy with Claire Foy taking over the role from Rooney Mara in The Girl in the Spider's Web.
The Girl in the Spider's Web: First Look

Halloween: First Look - Undead Monday

This Undead Monday, we take a First Look at David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's unique take on one of the most iconic unkillable slasher on the big screen in Halloween (yeah, just Halloween), an alternate sequel to the original classic by John Carpenter in 1978.
Halloween: First Look - Undead Monday

Devil May Cry 5: First Look - E3 2018

Thank the Devil. Forget Ninja Theory's misguided alternate take on everybody's favorite demon-hunting mercenary, Dante, in 2013's DmC: Devil May Cry. A true sequel to Devil May Cry 4 has been announced today during Microsoft's E3 press conference as we head back to the original (and much, much rad) reality with Dante, Nero and a strangely spunky sidekick named Nico.
Devil May Cry 5: First Look - E3 2018

Cyberpunk 2077: First Look - E3 2018

From the makers of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Projekt gave us a closer look at their next big thing, Cyberpunk 2077, at E3 today.
Cyberpunk 2077: First Look - E3 2018

Death Stranding E3 2018 Trailer

It's E3, and Hideo Kojima is back with yet another intensely atmospheric, visually stunning, weirdly solid sci-fi trailer of his much-anticipated PlayStation exclusive open-world sci-fi action title, Death Stranding.
Death Stranding E3 2018 Trailer

WATCH Wolverine: The Musical

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In this awesome clip with full courtesy from Hugh Jackman, Wolverine is realized in musical as Jackman takes on the most popular X-Man ever to the tune of "Who Am I?" from Les Miserables

There is without a shadow of a doubt that Hugh Jackman is one of the most popular actors of this generation with his career and character-defining take on the most famous X-Man. With the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, the Wolverine mania continues as the Tony Award-winner give us the quite definitive musical take on Logan to the tune of "Who Am I?" from Les Miserables in the BBC Radio 1 Studio. So now, without further ado, brace yourself for Wolverine: The Musical.

The Raid 2: Berandal - Final Preview

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With an onslaught of rave reviews following its world premiere at Sundance, The Raid 2: Berendal has finally arrived in US this weekend and will be hitting UK in two weeks. The Daily Zombies stretches our undead muscle to take a final look at the much-anticipated Indonesian action film. 

Action films, as a genre, has frequently been accused as entertainment for the simple-minded thanks to its lack of narratives and depths. Indeed, more often than not, actions films tend to trade plot and characterization to set up series of action sequences for the protagonist to overcome. Look no further than the Bruce Lee films in the 70s, Jackie Chan' slapstick action-comedy in the 80s/90s, and to this day, the films of Donnie Yen, or even Tony Jaa for proof of that. Nevertheless, proving the nature of the plot of action films is in no way taking away any of its mystique and grandeur. After all, a great film in any genres remains just that: A great film. In the case of excellent action films (in the face of overwhelmingly tantamount amount of mediocre-at-best action films), we can certainly appreciate the intricate action sequences, the terrific choreography of the scenes, and most important of all, the ever-elusive sense of great entertainment.

In recent times, there is one action film that truly make that mark. We are talking about none other than The Raid. Instantly catapulting the Indonesian film industry to an international scene, the 2011 Indonesian film directed by Welsh director Gareth Evans shattered everyone's expectation of a straight action film with minimal plot that serves only to facilitate the protagonist's pursuit with its unrelentingly raw action sequences. With the international success of the film,  a sequel was announced soon enough.

Picking up two hours right after where the first film left off, The Raid 2: Berandal will thrust Rama, the heroic protagonist played by Iko Uwais, to hell and back in a high-stake undercover operations to wipe out the massive criminal underworld. As a direct consequence of the events of the first film (the titular raid on the crime-ridden high-rise building), Rama has to protect his wife and young infant son by stepping into an even more complicated world of corruption and violence. Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated sequels for an action film in recent memory, we have covered The Raid 2: Berandal with the release of its first teaser trailer as well as the recent explosive trailers

With rave reviews coming in following the world premiere of the sequel to 2012's The Raid at Sundance, anticipation for the theatrical release has tremendously increased. And with the film now released in US for a limited run, we take a final look at the film with its well-executed marketing campaign.

For example, need more proof that this is the hard-hitting, action-packed that is nothing like what you have seen before? Hit the jump to check out this "internet trailer" recently released by Sony Pictures Classics.

And for those still in doubt over the otherwise little-known Welsh director's capability? Brace yourself for a stunning deleted scene of the sequel that can easily be an awesome short film by its own given its nature (which I will not revealed in order to not spoil your viewing pleasure).

This is one of a few deleted scenes taken from the film. Reasons to cut were entirely down to pacing issues. This was probably the hardest for me to cut due to the fact that the production on this scene lasted around 6 days of shooting, it cost us a fuck load to make and it served to escalate the gang war out onto the streets involving people outside of the closed off inter-gang politics.

At the end of the day though, after discussing its worth it took us away from the central theme for a little too long with characters that would only exist in this scene alone.

Whenever I edit a film - every scene feels like a precious moment. "No fucking way can I cut this" is a regular phrase I utter at Aram (one of the producers at XYZ Films who patiently worked with me to get the film to it's final cut) but his patience was always a virtue and it's when you make a cut and no longer miss it from the bigger picture a few days down the line that you realise it was the right decision to make.

But I still want you guys to see the chaos and the mayhem we had in store, and so with the release of the film coming in a few days time - here's a sample of one of the action scenes that simply didn't make it.


Nuff said. Hit the jump to check out the clip.

And here's a typically awesome action sequence, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies.

The earlier-released trailer, if you have missed out our coverage.


Official image from the film released by Sony Pictures Classic.

Updated 1st April 2014: Can't get enough of those awesome action-packed GIF depicting the fight scenes? Courtesy of IGN, here are more of them. 

Posters for the film.

Here's the official synopsis of the film:

Following immediately after the events of THE RAID, RAMA (Iko Uwais) is forced to reinvent himself as an undercover cop in order to provide protection for his wife and child. Working for the anti-corruption taskforce led by the one person he can trust, BUNAWAR, he is given a mission to engage himself as an enforcer for a local mob boss, BANGUN. Finding a way in through BANGUN's son UCO, RAMA must hunt for information linking BANGUN with police force corruption. All the while, he harbors a dangerous and personal vendetta for revenge and justice that threatens to consume him- and bring both this mission and the organized crime syndicates crashing down.

And the long version:

He thought it was over. After fighting his way out of a building filled with gangsters and madmen – a fight that left the bodies of police and gangsters alike piled in the halls – rookie Jakarta cop Rama thought it was done and he could resume a normal life. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Formidable though they may have been, Rama’s opponents in that fateful building were nothing more than small fish swimming in a pond much larger than he ever dreamed possible. And his triumph over the small fry has attracted the attention of the predators farther up the food chain. His family at risk, Rama has only one choice to protect his infant son and wife: He must go undercover to enter the criminal underworld himself and climb through the hierarchy of competing forces until it leads him to the corrupt politicians and police pulling the strings at the top of the heap.

And so Rama begins a new odyssey of violence, a journey that will force him to set aside his own life and history and take on a new identity as the violent offender “Yuda.” In prison he must gain the confidence of Uco – the son of a prominent gang kingpin – to join the gang himself, laying his own life on the line in a desperate all-or-nothing gambit to bring the whole rotten enterprise to an end.

The Raid 2: Berandal has been released in Indonesia on 27th March with a limited run in the United States on 28th March. The film is set to be released in UK on 11th April 2014.

Grey Matter Art Launches with Cannibal Holocaust by Randy Ortiz

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Welcome to the Jungle, Grey Matter Art! The father of all Found Footage films, Cannibal Holocaust, is immortalized by artist Randy Ortiz to launch Grey Matter Art, a new entrant in the crowded industry of graphic galleries of limited edition prints. 

How appropriate it is that the debut offering of Grey Matter Art conjured by artist Randy Ortiz is entitled "Welcome to the Jungle" given how the New York-based "limited edition, studio licensed film and entertainment poster company" is a new entrant in the crowded industry of alternate graphic renditions of established licenced properties of pop culture. 

In their debut offering, Grey Matter Art partnered with Grindhouse Releasing to release a limited edition screen print for the classic 1980 Italian Found Footage horror film, Cannibal Holocaust, with Ortiz at helm. And the results are awe-inspiring. 

In the artist's own words:

“I was a somewhat strange kid growing up. I had a morbid curiosity and was incredibly fascinated with the world of underground pseudo snuff cinema. I always kept this to myself and never shared the fact I had bootleg VHS tapes of classics such as Flowers of Flesh and Blood, the Faces of Death series, and Men Behind the Sun. Looking back at these films as an adult, one could argue the disgusting brutal nature of these films in comparison to Cannibal Holocaust are far and beyond, but for some reason it doesn’t feel that way to me. Even after all these years, I still find Cannibal Holocaust to be very unsettling to watch. The incredibly offensive and controversial scenes drape over a
powerful message about what we perceive as ‘reality’ in the media and that we should seek truth farther beyond what is presented to us. I feel that message is still important to this day. A film crew fabricating a village slaughter who end up paying the ultimate price is something I wanted to capture in my poster as opposed to doing a rendition of the straight forward “impaled girl” that the film is most known for. I feel going this route pays tribute to the more underlying story Ruggero Deodato wanted to convey to his audience. It’s a crazy film that is definitely not for the majority, but it
still is one of the few films out there that has left a lasting, scarring impression on me.” 

Hit the jump to check out both versions of the print.

Welcome To The Jungle
By Randy Ortiz
Regular edition of 250
Printed by The Half & Half

Welcome To The Jungle
By Randy Ortiz
Green Inferno Variant edition of 125
Printed by The Half & Half

Both prints are set to launch online on 8th April 2014.

Cowboy Bebop by Kevin Wada

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Cowboy Bebop gets an awesome update thanks to artist Kevin Wada

After checking out the highly imaginary thirteenth edition of Doctor Who thanks to artist Kevin Wada earlier on, we were wondering how the artist is going to surprise us next. Just so that you can color us surprised with this awesome take on all-time fan-favorite anime series, Cowboy Bebop. Hit the jump to check out the full image.

Wanted to Wada-fy the characters a bit, stay true to their outfits but try to give them some more personality physically.  It’s always fun translating anime faces into something a bit more realistic.

Spider-Verse: First Look

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This November, every Spider-Man of every universe unite to fight a common threat in Spider-Verse. 

Back in 2010, we covered Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, a video game that brought together Spider-Man of four universe to take on one common threat to their respective universe. Little did we know that the influence of the title remained until today as Marvel Comics prepare to launch the next Spider-Man event in November: Spider-Verse!

Featuring "every Spider-Man from every universe", the event will be directed by Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott with art by Olivier Coipel. As mentioned above, it is interesting to note that Slott was inspired by the 2010 Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions video game with a mindset for a grander scale that featured even more than Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Man Noir, but Miles Morales, Spider-Ham, the MC2 version of Spider-Girl, the Japanese Spider-Man, and even Spider-Monkey.

Hit the jump to check out the exhilarating official image for the event.

Here are the details from the press release:

This November, prepare for every Spider-Man…ever! Marvel is proud to announce Spider-Verse, the biggest Spider-Man story of the year from "New York Times" best-selling Spider-Scribe Dan Slott and blockbuster artist Olivier Coipel!

Kicking off this November in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #9 (with a special lead-in story on Free Comic Book Day), Slott and Coipel assemble an legion of Spider-Men from every corner of every universe. Peter Parker, Miguel O’Hara, Miles Morales and many, many more must unite to stop a seemingly insurmountable super-powered foe. Morlun, an incredibly powerful villain has returned with a singular and terrifying goal: exterminate every Spider-Man in every universe! It will take thousands of spider-powered heroes to battle back the greatest threat to this universe or any other!
“The scope of this event is so big, the word ‘epic’ just doesn’t do it justice,” says editor Nick Lowe. “The story is just huge and heartbreaking and has necessitated spreadsheets to organize all the Spider-Men. Luckily we have a writer who has proven time and time again he can thread impossible story-needles [Slott] and the most versatile character artist in the business [Coipel].”

Fans can see the first hints of this event in April’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 but will get their first real taste of Spider-Verse in Marvel’s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY issue this with a special five-page lead-in story available for free at all participating comic shops on May 3. This fall, Spider-Verse unites every Spider-Man in history to drive back the forces of darkness. But will an army of Spiders be enough?

Don’t miss the blockbuster Spider-Man event that will have the Marvel Universe on the edge of its seat when Spider-Verse hits comic shops this November! Plus, don’t miss the start of the next big chapter in Spider-Man history in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 on-sale this April!

Back to the Future Past by Tom Whalen

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It's time-traveling madness when artist Tom Whalen mashes up Back to the Future with Bryan Singer's upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past in this awesome print. 

This Summer, Logan will be making a mad dash across time in Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Past and artist Tom Whalen has just the perfect tribute with this awesome mash-up with Back to the Future. Logan is impeccably cast in Marty McFly's role with Prof. X standing in effortlessly as Doc. Brown.

Hit the jump to check out the design that has been made available at TeeFury.com

From the words of the artist himself:

Paying homage to the time-travelling antics of everyone’s favorite hairy canadian short-stack, I’m pleased to announce that my new “back to the future past” design is available today (march 26) at teefury!
For those who might be unfamiliar, teefury is the trendsetter in pop culture mash-up t-shirts. they offer a fresh design every day and make it available for a 24 hour period. after that, it’s gone!
So what’re ya waiting for? get yourself over to teefury before 11:59 PM EST on march 26 and check it out!

as always, thanks for the support!

Super Secret Crisis War: First Look

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When evil forces across five Cartoon Network series assemble, all five group of their heroic counterparts join forces in IDW’s upcoming six-issue limited series, Super Secret Crisis War. 

In IDW's ambitious upcoming limited series, Super Secret Crisis War, the evil master demon Aku forms the League of Extraordinary Villains, featuring the worst evil-doers from across five of the most popular Cartoon Network series in the early 2000s with the likes of Mojo Jojo, Mandark, and Vilgax. Of course, this calls for the unprecedented crossover of heroes to stop the dastardly villains. For the first time ever, Samurai Jack, The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory, Ed, Edd and Eddy join forces to form an unlikely alliance in this six-issue event series set to be released this June.

Written by Louise Simonson with art by Derek Charm, the crossover event at IDW will be hitting the entire line. Hit the jump to check out the cover art and poster.

Hollywood Horror Icons by Ted Bracewell - Undead Monday

Posted by The Daily Zombies

This Undead Monday, we take a look at the most unforgettable horror icons in Hollywood history courtesy of illustrator Ted Bracewell. 

Last Halloween, we saw an unprecedented amount of Halloween-themed prints being released and have covered on a good number of them ourselves. Stumbled upon just this week is this awesome prints paying homage to all the original iterations of the horror icons in Hollywood history. A moody piece conjured in full grayscale by illustrator Ted Bracewell in pencil, the print was released last Halloween at $25 and is understandably sold out now.

Hit the jump to check out the awesome print right after the jump and check out Poster Collective for an interview with Bracewell.

Hollywood Horror Icons 
By Ted Bracewell 
Hand Signed and #’d 
Fine Art Giclée (Museum Quality)
Price: $25

WATCH House of Thrones

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Imagine Frank Underwood sitting on the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms? There you get it: When House of Cards meets Game of Throne. 

Fans of either Game of Thrones, HBO's astoundingly popular TV adaptation of George R. R. Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice,  or House of Cards, Netflix's web political drama based on the novel by Michael Dobbs? Then you have absolutely no reason to miss out this hilarious mash-up pitting the ultimate Machiavellian that is Frank Underwood against the best and worst of the Seven Kingdoms. Spoiler: The worsts of Westeros and Essos have nothing on the President of America.

Hit the jump to check out the extremely entertaining clip.

Batman: An Illustrated Evolution by Cathryn Laver

Posted by The Daily Zombies

A self-respecting die-hard Batman fan (like us here at The Daily Zombies)? Brace yourself for the ultimate quest to track down the evolution of the iconic Batman logo across the decades courtesy of artist Cathryn Laver from Calm the Ham

2014 marks the 75th anniversary of arguably the biggest comic book icon, Batman. It has been a third of a century and being self-respecting fans of the Caped Crusader in his numerous iterations across pop culture platforms, we all know that being the bona fide pop culture zeitgeist, Batman has evolved across the decades in drastically varying ways more so than any other superheroes (even his best friend and equal in iconic status, Superman). But have you took note of the ever-iconic Batman logo? 

According to Cathryn Laver from Calm the Ham, there have been at least thirty significant changes that the logo went through since its inception in 1939. In an awesome infographic conjured by Laver, each landmark iterations of the Caped Crusader’s iconic logo are chronicled. Drawing inspiration from a YouTube video clip,  every iterations earmarking the evolution of the Batman himself from his original appearance in the comic book in 1939, deliriously campy TV ride thanks to Adam West, Frank Miller's dark masterpiece in the 90s' The Dark Knight Returns, Tim Burton's game-changing cinematic take, to Christopher Nolan's epic Dark Knight trilogy are featured. 

The luscious print standing at 18" x 24", 12" x 18", is available at $42 right here

For now, hit the jump and click on the image to view it in its hi-res glory.

As a bonus feature, here's the YouTube video clip that inspired the piece.

WATCH Enormous

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Brace yourself for a survival horror adventure set in a post-apocalyptic Kaiju-ridden with Enormous, the Machinima sci-fi web series adapted from the comic book series created by writer Tim Daniel and artist Mehdi Cheggour. 

Earlier this week, we have checked out the trailer of Enormous,  Machinima's bold new sci-fi web series based on the comic book series of the same name created by Tim Daniel and Mehdi Cheggour. And now, brace yourself for the full short.

Taking place in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by giant monsters while mankind lies on the brink of extinction with a deadly plague, we are dead certain that you already got the point on why we called this bold new sci-fi web series based on that synopsis.

Starring Ceren Lee as the protagonist who is on a United Nation's Search and Rescue team to look for abandoned children while dodging giant monsters, Enormous is co-written by director BenDavid Grabinski together with Troll Hunter's André Øvredal. To learn more on the proposed web series, check out Collider's exclusive interview with producer Adrian Askarieh

For now, hit the jump to check out the full short. 

Here's the synopsis of the web series:


A Prime Universe Films/Pure Imagination Studios Production

From director BenDavid Grabinski (COST OF LIVING) and producers Adrian Askarieh (HITMAN, AGENT 47) and Joshua Wexler (MORTAL KOMBAT) comes ENORMOUS. 

The world as we know it has ended. A group of survivors on a dangerous mission come face to face with nefarious humans and giant monsters. Starring Ceren Lee, Steven Brand, Billy Miller, Erica Gimpel, Garrett Coffey, Charles Melton, Dallas Liu, Joe Swanberg, Simon Barrett, Todd Farmer, and Nathan Moore.

Based on the comic book by Tim Daniel and Mehdi Cheggour.

Pre-order Enormous Issue #1, from the new ongoing
monthly comic book series. Featuring an exclusive poster art
cover from the Machinima live-action adaption by artist Mehdi Cheggour.

Available exclusively from Hastings Entertainment.

Helen Mirren, the 13th Doctor by Kevin Wada

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We have seen the Twelfth Doctor of Doctor Who. Fancy Helen Mirren as the Thirteenth Doctor? Now you can thank artist Kevin Wada for his visions. 

The last time we checked out the work of artist Kevin Wada, we were captivated by his mesmerizing, high fashion take on the merry mutants of Marvel. In response to the unveiling of Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who, the Twelth Edition, Wada take it upon himself to envision a revolutionary take come the Thirteenth Edition: Helen Mirren! 

Hit the jump to check out the stylish piece and agree with us that Helen Mirren can be the dashing swashbuckling Doctor like never before.

Source: Helen Mirren, the 13th Doctor by kevinwada via iO9

High Rise: First Look

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Finally, the long-gestated live-action adaptation of J.G. Ballard's High Rise is on the way with Tom Hiddleston on board and we have our First Look at the first survival and existential horror film. 

We were last entranced by Ben Wheatley with his recent film, A Field in England, yet another piece of the English film-maker's body of work that defies genre categorization yet displaying an exciting vision of peculiar grandeur. This, in turn explained our excitement over the news that Wheatley will be in the director's chair for the long-gestated live-action adaptation of J.G. Ballard's 1975 postmodern horror novel, High Rise. 

Entailing the horrific degeneration of human in self-imposed isolation within an exotic luxury high rise building, we have no doubt that Wheatley will be more than capable to put to task for the adaptation given his resume with films that are quite simply not for the squeamish. And to lend more weight to Wheatley's task, it has been announced that the God of Mischief (or Evil) Loki himself, Tom Hiddleston, will be on board in the film of which production is set to begin in June. In the very same Twitter announcement, Wheatley also released an awesome promotional art by artist Jay Shaw to give us a first glimpse to suggest his take on the film.

Hit the jump to check out the cool art by Jay Shaw.

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Death Stranding E3 2018 Trailer

Posted by The Daily Zombies

Death Stranding E3 2018 Trailer

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Cyberpunk 2077: First Look - E3 2018

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Devil May Cry 5: First Look - E3 2018

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Halloween: First Look - Undead Monday

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The Girl in the Spider's Web: First Look

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - New Trailer

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The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part - First Look

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