Supreme: Blue Rose - First Look

Posted by The Daily Zombies Thursday, April 24, 2014

Created by Rob Liefeld but immortalized by Alan Moore, prepare yourself for the third coming of Supreme courtesy of Warren Ellis. 

Easily one of our favorite lost superheroes in modern comic books, Supreme, has one hell of a ever-changing origins as diverse as a scripture-citing avenging angel (as shaped by creator Rob Liefeld's original intention), a Mjolnir-wielding self-styled God who defeated Thor (still Liefeld's nonsensical era), to a Superman caricature, and may we add, the very best caricature that even bested the Man of Steel himself all thanks to Alan Moore. 

And here we are now, skipping past Eric Larsen's equally absurd take on Supreme, Image Comics has released a somewhat cryptic press release for the return of the highly-regarded superhero in Supreme: Blue Rose. Before you cringe any further, we are fully expecting a reboot along the drastic lines of Brandon Graham's Prophet that quite literally reinvented the entire tiresome Liefeld's typical muscle-bound, pouch-crazy, blood-thirsty superhero, with Warren Ellis himself on board for the reboot. Written by Ellis with art by Tula Lotay, the new series set to premiere on 23rd July promises to give us a new glimpse at Supreme and we are hopeful given the level of talent here.

While we remain doubtful if we can still see Ethan Crane, Diane Dane, and Darius Dax, we can pretty sure that we, being longtime fans of Moore's take on Supreme, can take comfort in the new interpretation of the superhero. After all, isn't Supreme all about the transcending the comic book tropes it unfortunately were cursed with? Hit the jump to check out the first image as well as the press release containing some cryptic text on the new series, and how Ellis came up with the idea for the book. 

Here are the details from the press release:

You are not dreaming.
We are trying to communicate with you.
Local reality has been reinstalled.
Things have gone wrong.
The revision has corrupted.
Finding Ethan Crane is your supreme priority.
We are speaking to you from the ultimate bunker within the structure of multiversal time.
Do not trust Darius Dax.
We are all going to die.  

Warren Ellis (TREES, Planetary) teams up with Tula Lotay (ELEPHANTMEN, The Witching Hour) to re-introduce the central Image Comics character in SUPREME: BLUE ROSE, coming this July from Image Comics.

"One day I woke up with an idea, that came out of nowhere, for how to extend this most strange and storied of 'analogue' properties into a new space. A new floor on top of Alan Moore and Rob Liefeld's house,” said Ellis. “And, since I had some time on my hands that year, I emailed Image, and we got my friend Tula Lotay involved—and her work will be a revelation to people."

SUPREME: BLUE ROSE #1 arrives in stores on 7/23, and will be available for $2.99. It can be pre-ordered with Diamond Code MAY140571.


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