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Posted by The Daily Zombies Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's Batman (good ol' old Bruce Wayne) vs. Batman (Terry McGinnis) vs. a collection of some of the most iconic iteration of the Dark Knight in Darwyn Cooke's Batman Beyond short animation to commemorate Batman's 75th anniversary. 

Earlier last this month, we were awestruck by "Strange Days", the triumphant return of Bruce Timm's iconic rendition of Batman with a short animation made in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of one of the most important icons of not just comics but all facets of pop culture. 

At the recent Batman 75 panel at WonderCon in Anaheim where a gallery of creators gathered to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Batman, yet another awesome tribute in the form of animated short was unveiled and this time, it's from renowned writer/artist Darwyn Cooke. And to further entice everybody's interest, the animated short featured Batman Beyond, Terry McGinnis himself, as he take on a collection of some of the most popular iterations of the Caped Crusader. Also returning to their roles are Will Friedle and Kevin Conroy, as Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne in the action-packed short animation.

With no further ado, brace yourself to check out one-and-a-half minute short animation and take on the Batman quiz to pinpoint the different Batman across the ages. 

Here are some of the screenshots from the really short animation.

Need help identifying the collection of Batman in there? Here you go. 

Terry McGinnis is back in this new Batman 75th Anniversary short from artist Darwyn Cooke! Are you ready to return to the world of Batman Beyond?The suits were (in order): Beware the Batman (2013-), The Batman (2004-2008), Batman: the Brave and the Bold (2008), The Dark Knight Returns (1986), Michael Keaton Batman (1989 & 1992), Adam West Batman (1966) and finally Batman from his first appearance (1939). And of course the New Adventures of Batman and Justice League Batman in the beginning. I wish they had Christian Bale Batman too though... :D

In order (from left to right) from the short animation, these Batmen are: Beware the Batman (recent animated iteration), The Batman (the 2004 animation), Batman: the Brave and the Bold (2008 animation), Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, Michael Keaton's Batman from the two films directed by Tim Burton in 1989 and 1992, respectively), Adam West's swinging 66's Batman, and of course the original Batman from his 1939's first appearance.


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