Optimus Prime, Ancient Chinese General Style

Posted by The Daily Zombies Sunday, June 29, 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction hits the cinema this weekend and we here at The Daily Zombies just don't care... But to commemorate the event, how apt it is to cover an awesome ancient Chinese General version of Optimus Prime courtesy of Chinese artist 

Why yes, this is the weekend that Transformers: Age of Extinction, Michael Bay's next chapter of his abysmally reviewed yet best-selling live-action adaptation film series of Transformers, hit the big screen and we here at The Daily Zombies decided against doing one of those Final Preview we usually do for the major or noteworthy releases. While we do find the Dinobots, the China setting, Lockdown's appearance, and the pulse-pounding action sequence enticing, we knew better thanks to the earlier three films from Bay, particularly Dark of the Moon.

In our Final Preview for Dark of the Moon,  this is our verdict before going to the theaters: 

And yes, we here at The Daily Zombies will also be there at the theaters to check out the much-talked-about 3D effects. Much like everybody else. Will the last film in the franchise that many are calling "metal-clashing porn" be the last straw for us ? We will see.

So there you go, the answer to that question: Yes indeed, the fucking last straw. Which is why despite Mark Walhberg being a likable actor, and the enticing omission of Shia LaBeouf, we will never ever gain our interests with the franchise back although we practically grew up with the Hasbro cartoons. 

Back to the subject at hand, we just thought how apt it would be given the franchise's new interest in China's market and how the second half of the film will purported be set in China and / or Hong Kong that we take a look at Chinese artist Nkzhangwang's ancient Chinese general (think Dynasty Warriors if you just can't connect with the concept) take on Optimus Prime. Yes, Optimus Prime will totally kill it if he was to arrive in the Three Kingdom eras. Check out the image right below.


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