Captain America 3: Civil War Announced

Posted by The Daily Zombies Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Marvel Zombies, brace yourself for Civil War on the big screen as Chris Evans' Steve Rogers / Captain America takes on Robert Downey Jr. to ignite the next big chapter of Marvel Cinematic Universe: Civil War. 

Are there any other ways to add even more excitement to the ever-prosperous Marvel Cinematic Universe? Apparently, in more ways than one, a very resounding yes. 

Last week, Robert Downey Jr. shocked fans when he first said "yes" to an Iron Man 4 film on The Ellen Show, then said "no" later that night on The Late Show with David Letterman. To quote Downey Jr. in his exact words:

“Just between us, no — but I’m going to do other stuff with Marvel. I’m still going to be involved with Marvel and there’s going to be plenty of other fun stuff.”

Thanks to this particular exquisite exclusive scoop by Variety, we now know what that"fun stuff' is all about. And it is indeed one hell of a fun stuff. According to the article, Captain America 3 will see the launch of the next big chapter of Marvel Cinematic Universe with Downey Jr. currently on the verge of signing on the project. So what's up with the two of the Big Three Avengers (Thor making up the trio, for the uninformed) in a film that is supposed to be a solo outing? The beginning of the Civil War in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For the longtime comic readers or Marvel Zombies, the title needs no further explanation. But for the benefits of the non-comic readers, Civil Wars chronicles the implementation of the Superhuman Registration Act, a legislative bill that imposes the mandatory registration of any person based in the United States with super powers. The bill is designed have these superpowered characters under official regulation. Tony Stark became the pro-registration figurehead, along with the support of Mr. Fantastic, Henry Pym, and (earlier on) Spider-Man, while Captain America went underground to lead the anti-registration front with the support of Luke Cage, Hawkeye, and (later on) Spider-Man. The resulting "Civil War" ended tragically with catastrophic consequences (as far as comic books are concerned).

With this intriguing set-up that essentially put Tony Stark in an antagonist role, we can certainly understand why Downey Jr. considered this as "fun stuff" as he is free to explore another side of the character. 

Apparently the development of the plan has met with tremendous difficulties as Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige went through rounds of negotiations with Marvel COO, Ike Perlmutter, (incidentally the person purported to have decreed the earlier-rumored banning of creation of new characters for X-Men as well as cancellation of Fantastic Four) over Downey Jr.'s rising payout. Here's an excerpt on the process from the Variety article:

"Originally, Marvel wanted to hire Downey for a small role, which would have required just three weeks of work. But Downey wanted Stark to have a more substantial role in the film’s plot, which would give him more screen time and naturally a bigger payday. This angered Marvel Entertainment chief Ike Perlmutter, who ordered the screenwriters to write Iron Man out of the script entirely, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

Even though the deal appeared dead, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and Downey’s reps at CAA continued talks in hopes of working out their issues. Feige was bent on executing his grand vision for extending the life of the Marvel characters over many years.

The executive needed his boss to see the big picture, considering the introduction of the Civil War story is seen as a way to drive the plots of sequels and new franchises for the next seven years, given the dramatic possibilities it offers for future films. The fallout from the government and Stark’s actions would factor into a new “Avengers 4″ film and beyond that will assemble new characters being introduced like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange, among others, in their own movies.

Downey, who earned $50 million for “The Avengers” alone, will collect around $40 million plus backend participation for “Captain America 3,” said sources, and will get an additional payout if “Captain America 3″ outperforms “Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s” $714 million worldwide haul. Since the actor did not appear in the first two “Captain America” films, the thinking is that if the third installment surpasses the last movie, its success could be attributed to Downey."

 In a follow-up article by Badass Digest, it was suggested that the title of the third outing of Cap will be either Captain America: Civil War or Captain America: Fallen Son. The entire situation has also been further analysed with the following points supporting to that conclusion:

  • The fact that the scene where Scarlett Johansson's Natasha Romanoff, AKA Black Widow, testify in front of Congress in The Winter Soldier, was a late addition to the film. Obviously, the scene adds on to the demand of responsibility and accountability of the superheroes.
  • The fallout of Age of Ultron could potentially leave Stark in a more determined position to legitimize "superhero-ing" to prevent anyone repeating his error in creating Ultron.
  • With Cap 3 setting up as an Avengers 2.5, continuing the particular film series' tradition of reshaping the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers 3 will open with a vulnerable Earth for Thanos to claim. That will lead us to Avengers 4, which is now rumored to be helmed by Cap 3 directors, the Russo Brothers. And yes, this one will likely involve the Guardians of the Galaxy, along with every other superheroes that have shown up by then (here's looking at you, Stephen Strange).
  • Speculated talks of Sony's collaboration with Marvel Studios for a Spider-Man appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe may well be resulting in this sweeping crossover that reaches every corner of the Marvel Universe (not the mutants or the fantastic, for obvious reasons). What better place for Spidey's participation and confirmation that Peter Parker lives in the Marvel (Cinematic) Universe.
  • And finally, the chance to off either Iron Man or Captain America in the conclusion so that Perlmutter can finally save the budget in his money-printing scheme. Funny how that sounded.

All of the above pointers are speculations, but one thing is for sure: The third outing of Captain America's adventures on the big screen will hit the theaters on May 6, 2016. 

Meanwhile, on a related note, following Marvel Comics' announcement of Secret Wars as the 2015 big crossover event at the NYCC, they will apparently be revisiting yet another "war" of their past. Yes, you guessed it. Civil War. For now, only an image was released for the project.

The humor element of this image of Iron Man and Captain America fighting over Spider-Man would have been enhanced by infinite times if we have Wolverine replacing Captain America. Anyway, based on the outfit of the characters, this could just be a revisit to the Civil War period not unlike the few times Marvel Comics revisited Age of Apocalypse. More importantly, this might as well could be a instrument to promote Captain America 3 with its Civil War treatment announced now.


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