Secret Wars: First Look

Posted by The Daily Zombies Sunday, October 12, 2014

So what happens when "Time Runs Out" next year? Apparently, multiverse warfare as unveiled by Marvel Comics at the New York Comic-Con. Marvel Zombies, brace yourself next Spring for the return of Secret Wars. 

Clear and simple, as Marvel Comics editor Tom Brevoort put it in an interview with USA Today: "When time runs out, Secret Wars is happening".

Since taking on the writing reins for The Avengers and New Avengers titles in 2012, it is obvious that writer Jonathan Hickman has an end game in play with key elements planted in Infinity and . Just last month, both titles were brought eight months into the future in a storyline known as "Time Runs Out". Exclusively unveiled by both USA Today and the NYCC panel, Brevoort confirms Marvel's big crossover event of 2015: Secret Wars.

Announced with only the information that the event will be written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Esad Ribic, and an absolutely gorgeous promotional image depicting heroes in battle by the one and only Alex Ross, Brevoort was coy about the storyline though the intriguing promotional image contained more than a few hints of what we can expect in the event. With no further ado, check out the image below (and do click on it to view it in its astonishing hi-res glory).

So there we have it: Classic Captain America taking on the new Captain America (Sam Wilson AKA Falcon), classic Iron Man against the new douchebag Superior Iron Man, classic Thor versus the new female Thor, and a whole bunch of oddly-assembled versions of superheroes from Squadron Supreme's Hyperion (the classic edition), the female Captain America known as the America Dream from Avengers Next, various versions of Jan van Dyne, AKA Wasp, and the Miles Morales Spider-Man. Conspicuously absent from the image are the X-Men and Spider-Man. Given their obligatory participation in all Marvel big crossover events, does their omission lend more weight to the recent story broken by writer Chris Claremont that Marvel has decreed that no new characters are to be created for the X-Men as they will be used by Fox in their mutant film franchises and that Fantastic Four comic book series will be cancelled next year with the triple-sized issue #645, Fantastic Fourever? If these news are indeed genuine, it is truly a sad day in comics. What an ironic fate that when comic book characters are getting popular via tentpole movies but their titles are either cancelled or getting cramped for their writings due to profit/film copyrights issues as such.

Anyway, apart from sharing its namesake with the classic 1984 crossover event, the 2015 Secret Wars will also be having a multi-platform release from Marvel as a full-blown branding assault (the original 1984 series was tied to a toyline from Mattel) with various consumer products. With Marvel already announcing several merchandising partners from toyline giant Hasbro, collectibles company Gentle Giant, trading card and games maker Upper Deck, bobblehead makers Funko, and retail chain Hot Topic, we can assuredly expect plenty merchandise under the branding (which also explains the return of classic version of the superheroes).

Secret Wars is currently scheduled to be released next Spring.


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