Warcraft: First Look

Posted by The Daily Zombies Saturday, November 8, 2014

We finally have our First Look at Duncan Jones's upcoming epic fantasy film based on the phenomenal game franchise, Warcraft,  with the unveiling of the character lineup and description at the BlizzCon. 

When Sam Raimi exited the live-action adaptation of Blizzard Entertainment's flagship franchise, Warcraft, back in 2013, what kept our undead heads up for a an epic fantasy action film that will do justice to the source material is the announcement of British film-maker Duncan Jones as the director of the film scheduled for a 2016 release. After all, we certainly understand the cautious process Blizzard is following through especially given the fact that they have show Uwe Boll the boot when the audaciously awful German film-maker bid for the film.

At this year's BlizzCon, Jones showed up together with Visual Effects Supervisor Bill Westenhofer and Co-Producer Chris Metzen to revealed the character lineup and their respective description at the panel. First up, here's the official descriptions for the members of the Alliance, comprising the mortals of Azeroth:

Anduin Lothar (Travis Fimmel)
The lead protagonist for the Alliance, Lothar is a war hero who has sacrificed everything to keep the people of Azeroth safe.
King Llane Wrynn (Dominic Cooper)
King Llane is the leader of the Alliance city of Stormwind and a beacon of hope to its people in a time of darkness. 
Medivh (Ben Foster)
Known as ‘the Guardian,’ Medivh is a mysterious and reclusive protector who wields formidable power.
Khadgar (Ben Schnetzer)
Khadgar is a gifted young mage, embarking on a daring search for the truth.
Lady Taria (Ruth Negga)
Taria is the royal Queen of Stormwind, King Llane’s great love and most trusted counsel.
Garona (Paula Patton)
Caught between the Alliance and the Horde, Garona is a strong-willed survivor who must decide where her true loyalty lies.

And here’s rundown for The Horde, which is made up of Orcs, Trolls, and other otherworldly dark creatures, for the uninformed. The actors will be performing their roles via motion-capture technology:

Durotan (Toby Kebbel)
The lead protagonist for the Horde, Durotan is the noble Chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan, battling to save his people and his family from extinction.
Orgrim (Rob Kazinsky)
Orgrim is Durotan’s right hand and a brave warrior destined to wield the Doomhammer: a weapon of orc legend.
Blackhand (Clancy Brown)
Known as ‘The Destroyer’, Blackhand is one of orc-kind’s most fearsome and titanic warchiefs.
Gul’Dan (Daniel Wu)
Gul’dan is a supreme orc ruler, fueled by a dark magic that even he cannot control.

For fans of the series, they should be more than thrilled to see that Jones, who is also co-writer of the screenplay of the film, is tapping into the mythology of the franchise with the characters in play here. This is of course a much-welcomed move for fans given the penchant how Hollywood has resorted to creating their own characters when adapting video games series (for example, Alive, the protagonist of Resident Evil portrayed by Mila Jovovich was an original character created for the film). 

A new promotional campaign for the film has launched with two different websites, one for The Alliance and one for The Horde, for fans to support. You can sign up for your allegiance accordingly at these sites, FIGHTFORTHEALLIANCE.COM or FIGHTFORTHEHORDE.COM.  

Here are the first posters released for the film.

The official logo for the film.

Warcraft is currently scheduled to be release in 3D on March 11, 2016.


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