Eyes Without A Face by Jason Edmiston & Mondo

Posted by The Daily Zombies Saturday, March 14, 2015

Exhibiting now at the Mondo Gallery, Mondo and artist Jason Edmiston present one of their most ambitious gallery shows yet with Eyes Without A Face. The Daily Zombies takes a look at some of the awesome pieces from the high concept gallery show. 

Opened yesterday with an opening night reception at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas, the latest gallery show from the collectible art division of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema proves to be quite the remarkable affair one would expect from Mondo and more importantly in this case, artist extraordinaire, Jason Edmiston.

The high art of Edminston is of course undoubtedly exceptional but in this solo show for Edmiston, the artist conjured more than 140 brand new portraits focused solely on the eyes of characters from all corners of the pop culture from comics, films, music, video games, and more. From the unrelenting stare of the one and only Batman, the pixilated glare of the bad-ass boss of NES's Punch-Out!!, Mike Tyson, to the profound gaze of Mister Ziggy Stardust himself, brace yourself as you gaze into the window to the soul of these pop culture icons.

Running from March 13th to April 4th, "Eyes Without A Face" will be on exhibition at the Mondo Gallery is located at 4115 Guadalupe Street in Austin, TX.

Here are the details from the official press release:

The Gallery Show Will Feature a Stunning Collection of
Original Painted Works By Jason Edmiston
Austin, TX—February 2, 2014— Mondo presents “Eyes Without A Face,” the next gallery show, featuring artist Jason Edmiston and an eye-opening collection of original art based on 1:1 representations of some of pop culture’s most iconic peepers. The show will kick off with an opening night reception, open to the public, on March 13 from 7 – 10pm and will run during regular hours until April 4. Mondo Gallery is located at 4115 Guadalupe Street in Austin, TX.

“Eyes Without A Face” will feature approximately 150 portraits of eyes culled together from film, music, comics, video games, toys and more. Each piece will be presented at a 1:1 ratio – from tiny plastic toy people, humanoid actors, to giant beasts and more. The concept allowed Edmiston to curate a wide spectrum of characters for the gallery in a way that made thematic sense. Part of the fun will be trying to figure out all 150 characters at the show.

Discussing the genesis of the show’s concept Edmiston said, “I had the idea for the show when I was working on my last solo exhibition for Mondo Gallery. I was driving around town with my wife bouncing concepts off of her. I checked my rear view and had the idea. The shape of the mirror made me think of just using a tight cropping of eyes for the basis of a show. I also kind of wanted to see what it would feel like to be in a gallery surrounded by eyes staring at you. It should be quite an experience to stand in the center of the gallery and slowly rotate 360 degrees, creating a feeling of being watched by your heroes.”

Edmiston has become well known and highly sought after for his eye-popping and colorful acrylic paintings of pop culture figures. His most jaw-dropping pieces, like The Hand of Ming, have always been incredibly expressive and successful in drawing out the emotion of the character. “Eyes Without A Face” is allowing Edmiston to hone in the eyes, the most expressive part of any body – real or imagined.

For more info on Jason Edmiston, visit his official site.

Now gaze into the windows to the soul of some of the coolest characters in pop culture history for a preview of the stunning show. 

Eyes Without A Face is currently running at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX, till April 4th.


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